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Interview: China to continue effort for Mideast peace: envoy


14:05, February 23, 2012

AMMAN, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- China would continue its effort in pushing for peace in the Middle East, China's Middle East envoy said here Wednesday.

Wu Sike, who is visiting the region, said he had profoundly exchanged views and reached extensive consensus with leaders of the Palestinians, Israel and Jordan on Palestinian-Israeli peace talks and Syria.

During his visit, Wu noted, he got a clear impression that all parties in the region have attached great importance to their relations with China and the positive and constructive role China has played in solving regional issues.

China would continue to keep in touch with all parties concerned and work hard to promote peace in the region, Wu told Xinhua in an interview.

Regarding the Middle East peace process, Wu said the direct engagement between the Palestinians and Israelis in January in Amman attracted world attention. Parties concerned were looking forward to the resumption of direct negotiations between them.

Against such a background, the aim of his visit, Wu said, was to voice China's concern about the region's peace process and find out what the two sides' further arrangements and consideration were.

Wu said he had urged Israel to take positive steps on issues such as the construction of Jewish settlements in occupied territory so as to further fortify and maintain the positive atmosphere brought about by the engagement.

He said he had noticed the strong wish of the Palestinian side for the continuation of engagement and dialogue, and a solution through negotiations.

Noting that security and borderline are the core issues, Wu urged the international community to pay more attention and help restart direct talks between the two long-time foes.

Direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations were resumed in September 2010 after a 20-month deadlock, but ran into impasse again after only two rounds of talks because of Israel's refusal to suspend construction of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian land.

On Syria, the Chinese envoy said he had expounded China's position with the leaders he met during his tour.

Wu said he had made clear to them China's constant position: the Arab people's will for reform should be respected; China opposes any foreign intervention because it believes the Arab people are able to solve their own problems with wisdom.

Its stance on Syria is part of the policies China has followed since political crisis erupted early last year in the region, Wu said.

The envoy said that all parties in the countries and territories he visited voiced understanding about China's position on Syria, agreeing to oppose foreign intervention, respect the people's wish and seek a peaceful rather than violent solution to Syria's 11-month political crisis.

Sharing extensive consensus with the Arab League (AL), China would continue to support the pursuit of a solution to the Syrian crisis within the AL framework and look forward to progress in this aspect, said the Chinese official.

Wu spoke highly of Jordan's unique role in boosting the Middle East peace process and solving political crisis in neighboring countries.

He also lauded China-Jordan ties, saying that cooperation between them in political, economic and trade and regional affairs had gone well since they established diplomatic relations 35 years ago.

There were more fields where the two countries could develop cooperation and the prospect was promising, he said.


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R. Tenor at 2012-02-23173.67.133.*
It is impossible for the Syrians to resolve the matter themselves when the Syrian government is not willing to compromise. It will take outside intervention or else the world will standby and see a dictator rule by eliminating his opponents by force. Has the world not learned from what Hitler did? Peace by dictatorship must not be allowed anywhere.

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