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China signs $4.3b in deals with Turkey


09:11, February 23, 2012

China firmly supports Turkey in its efforts to maintain domestic political stability and economic growth, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping said Tuesday.

Xi made the remarks while meeting with Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek.

The Turkish side also expressed support for China on issues related with Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet, he said.

Cicek reiterated that Turkey adheres to the one-China policy, recognizes the People's Republic of China as the sole legitimate representative of the Chinese people and respects China's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Also Wednesday, Xi called for more efforts in boosting trade and economic cooperation between China and Turkey.

Xi made the call when addressing a Sino-Turkish business forum in Istanbul.

In his speech, Xi told hundreds of business leaders from China and Turkey that efforts should be made to increase political trust, to explore more cooperation fields and deepen substantial cooperation, to join hands to reject trade protectionism and to enhance cultural exchange and people-to-people communication.

On the sidelines of Xi's visit, a Chinese trade and investment promotion delegation consisting of over 100 Chinese business leaders signed various contracts and deals worth some $4.3 billion.

China has become Turkey's third biggest trading partner. The trade volume between China and Turkey increased from some $1 billion in 2001 to nearly $19 billion in 2011.

The Turkish side said the bilateral trade volume hit $24.1 billion in 2011.


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helen at 2012-02-23203.82.92.*
China must continue to talk economics with other sovereign nations. This is the desire of all peoples of the World.The World has enough of US Global Tyranny and its pursuit of perpetual wars and invasions of small helpless sovereign nations. There will never be World peace until US Global Tyranny is rendered impotent, dismantled and erased from the face of the earth and that day should be fasting coming ....

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