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China urges Nigeria to protect crew attacked by pirates


08:26, February 23, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- China has urged Nigeria to send armed police to protect the Chinese crew on a ship that pirates attacked in mid-February off the coast of the African country.

Eight armed pirates attacked a Panama-registered Chinese cargo ship near the port of Lagos in the early morning of Feb. 14 local time, killing and injuring crew, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Wednesday.

He said the pirates stole goods and escaped when a nearby foreign naval ship came to the crew's rescue.

Hong said the Chinese consulate in Lagos immediately sent staff to the port to visit and comfort all the Chinese crew including those from Taiwan.

"People with the Chinese consulate helped the crew take security measures, provided assistance to contact the owner of the cargo ship and its local agent and asked relevant parties to carefully cope with the aftermath," Hong said.

"The Chinese consulate has urged Nigeria to send armed police to protect the Chinese crew and their ship," he said.

And local police have responded by strengthening their protection of the ship, Hong added.


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