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Vice president's visits enhance Chinese ties with Ireland, Turkey


08:15, February 23, 2012

ISTANBUL, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's just-concluded visits to Ireland and Turkey have successfully boosted bilateral ties and yielded fruitful achievements, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Wednesday night.

Xi's Feb. 18-22 trip to the two countries accomplished the goals of consolidating friendship, strengthening mutual trust, deepening cooperation and boosting common development, and turned out to be a great success, Yang said.

The visits came against the backdrop of profound and complex changes in the international situation, and new development opportunities for the ties between China and Ireland and Turkey, said Yang, who accompanied Xi on the trip.

During the visits, the last two legs of Xi's three-nation tour, Xi traveled to four cities in Ireland and Turkey and attended more than 30 events.

He met with leaders of the two countries, made extensive contacts with the Irish and Turkish people, addressed business forums, and visited an economic development zone and a farm. He also met Chinese students and overseas Chinese in the two countries.

Prior to his visit, Xi accepted interviews by Irish and Turkish newspapers on China's relations with Ireland, Turkey, and the European Union (EU), and on China's growth.

He explained to Europe, Asia, Africa and the international community at large that China's growth will expand world markets. He also said it would bring more opportunities and room for cooperation to the world, demonstrating the positive, open and cooperative image of a responsible big country, Yang said.

Xi sent a positive message in the interviews that China is devoted to boosting relations with Ireland, Turkey and the European Union, Yang said.

For their part, the Irish and Turkish governments attached great importance to Xi's visit, giving the vice president a warm welcome and making special arrangements to meet with him, Yang said.

The foreign minister said Xi's trip to Ireland and Turkey gained the following achievements.

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