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China calls for int'l efforts to address transnational crime in W.Africa


08:29, February 22, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese UN ambassador on Tuesday urged the international community to take effective measures to help West Africa and countries in the Sahel region in addressing transnational crime.

Addressing a Security Council open debate on peace and security in Africa, Wang Min, China's deputy permanent representative to the UN, said the rise of illegal drugs and arms trafficking, piracy and terrorist activities is seriously threatening peace and stability, endangering the economic and social development and negatively impacting the humanitarian situation in the region.

China appealed to the international community to increase its capital and technology input, and provide effective assistance to relevant countries and regional organizations on the basis of fully respecting the sovereignty of countries concerned, Wang said.

"We hope that the UN will actively bring its coordinating role into play, and that members, regional organizations and specialized UN agencies bringing into full play their respective advantage and expertise so as to promote resource integration and allocation for an effective guarantee for the relevant efforts of countries and organization in the region," said the ambassador.

China also urged the international community to actively adopt practical and effective measures to assist countries in the region in their economic recovery and development, job creation and improvement of their livelihood so as to solve the problem from its root.

Noting that the current problem of arms proliferation in West Africa and the Sahel region has its historical reasons, Wang said the recent regional conflict has exacerbated the problem and China is very concerned.

"We hope that relevant parties in the international community draw lessons from this, be prudent in dealing with regional crisis and conflicts, adhere to diffusing differences through peaceful means of dialogue and negotiation, avoid taking any actions that go beyond the mandate of the Security Council and play a constructive role for the maintenance of regional peace and security," Wang said.


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