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Abbas, Chinese envoy meet on Palestinian-Israeli peace process


10:06, February 21, 2012

RAMALLAH, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met here Monday with Chinese Middle East envoy Wu Sike and they exchanged views on the current situation between the Palestinians and Israel.

Abbas welcomed China's support of the Palestinian cause, stressing that the relations between China and the Palestine is steady "like mountains rooted in the ground."

On the stalled talks between Israel and the Palestinians, which were cut short in 2010, Abbas blamed Israel for the failure of the peace process due to its refusal to stop building Jewish settlements and to recognize the borders of the future Palestinian state.

"The peace process must be based on the references and the resolutions of the international legitimacy," Abbas said.

He added that the Palestinian cause needs all kinds of Arab support, stressing that Arab division due to the revolts in some countries in the region does not help resolve the Palestinian- Israeli conflict.

For his part, Wu, who has already visited Israel before his Palestinian trip, said that the two sides should create an atmosphere suitable for reviving the peace talks so as to resolve their conflict.

During their meeting, Abbas also praised the way China uses in dealing with events in the Arab world after many countries in the region were hit by unrest over the past year.

"China doesn't intervene in the internal affairs of other countries and it encourages peaceful ways to settle any conflict in those troubled countries," Abbas said.


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