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China opposes armed intervention or forcing "regime change" in Syria


14:08, February 17, 2012

Wang Min, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, speaks after a vote at the UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York, Feb. 16, 2012. China opposes armed intervention or forcing a so-called "regime change" in Syria, Wang said Thursday. (Xinhua/Wu Jingdan)

UNITED NATIONS, Feb.17 (Xinhua) -- China opposes armed intervention or forcing a so-called "regime change" in Syria, China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) Wang Min said Thursday.

The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution supporting the political transition in Syria, which has been plagued by an 11-month-long political crisis, and calls for the appointment of a UN special envoy to the Middle East country.

The draft resolution, which was drawn up by Saudi Arabia and introduced to the General Assembly by Egypt, was adopted with a vote of 137-12 with 17 abstentions.

It is similar to the draft vetoed at the UN Security Council on Feb. 4 by Russia and China, two permanent members of the 15-nation Security Council. The vetoed draft asked Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to hand over power to his deputy.

"We condemn all acts of violence against innocent civilians and urge the government and all political factions of Syria to immediately and fully end all acts of violence, and quickly restore stability and the normal social order," Wang said in explanatory remarks after casting a negative vote on the draft resolution.

China calls on the Syrian government to seriously heed the people's legitimate desire for reform and development, and calls on the various political factions to express their political aspirations peacefully and under the rule of law, Wang said.

"We urge all parties concerned in Syria to immediately launch inclusive political dialogue with no preconditions and jointly discuss a comprehensive political reform plan and mechanism," he said.

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Hammad Sethi at 2012-02-1878.144.17.*
I am sure that these cowardly, inhumane, treacherous, Muslim countries that are siding with the Western thugs against Syria, very well know that Western thugs have not fallen in love with any Muslims out of the blue, and they are least bothered about the persecution of any Muslims around the world, and the proof for that is that if these Muslim countries try to persuade their new Western lovers to help bring a resolution against Israel or Indiar. Western thugs are only interested in regaining their rogue hegemony over the world, and after Syria there will be someone else and then someone else, and more and more innocent people will die, and Western interference in sovereign States will continue.
wende at 2012-02-1771.255.83.*
China should broadcast its reason for the "no" vote in the Arab nations and inject a reminder that these Arab nations may one day find themselves in the same predicament. It also reminds all nations to try to settle their internal conflicts as quickly as possible and long delay will bring big catastrophe with the west watching your every move to take advantage of your failure. Syria is following Libya"s playbook. Look what happens to Libya now. After making the mess, the west do not do the clean-up. US specially will use this type of playbook to upend all nations that are at odds with the US. Some of the nations think they can avoid the same result in their own country by just follow the wishes of the west. This type of pipedream will not always be possible and one day you will disagree with what the west wants you to do. Then, you are the NEXT.

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