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Huntsman criticizes Romney's China policy


13:58, February 17, 2012

WASHINGTON - Former US presidential candidate Jon Huntsman on Thursday criticized his ex-rival Mitt Romney's policy toward China, saying it's "wrongheaded" to threaten a trade war with Beijing.

"It's not unusual for candidates to be saying certain things about China," the former US ambassador to China and former Utah governor said on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports. "I've seen a lot of candidates who later became president, who use a lot of rhetoric. It's much easier to talk about China in terms of the fear factor than the opportunity factor."

Huntsman made the remarks when asked to comment on the former Massachusetts governor's op-ed in Thursday's Wall Street Journal blasting the Obama administration's China policy.

Romney has repeatedly threatened to designate China a currency manipulator and take counteraction on day one of his presidency if he were elected, a move strongly opposed by the US business community.

"When it comes to China, I think it's wrongheaded when you talk about slapping a tariff on day one," Huntsman said. "That pushes aside the reality, the complexity of the relationship."

Huntsman dropped out of the Republican presidential nomination race last month and announced endorsement for Romney.

While disagreed with Romney on China policy, Huntsman defended his endorsement, saying Romney is "best-placed to do what needs to be done in terms of economic development and the creation of jobs. "


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ASEAN at 2012-02-22220.255.1.*
Can an american ask Romney personally when he goes for his election round in your area why he secretly invest more than US$1 million dollars in China through some personal investing company if he had openly said China had created so much problem for USA and China does not offer opportunity for US companies ? He is slapping his own face ? And ask him why you should give him the vote when he had lied to the general public ? Obviously no one needs a person with this character to be President.
Nic at 2012-02-20175.141.39.*
Whether Mitt Romney is stupid or choose to be stupid we will see later. I hope he will not eat his words and come knocking on China"s door if he will ever be elected!What is there to fear China in the fear factor? US has over 7000 nuclear weapons while China has only over 1000; US has over a dozen aircraft carriers while China has only one medium size one still in the experimenting stage; US has advanced space weaponry technology while China"s is still in its infancy!In trade, US is No.1 and has all the brains in the world; US can print $$ and use it to do purchases around the world,what is there to fear? Sell China some high tech and allow Chinese business-men equal access to US market, 3/4 of your problems will be solved.
Nic at 2012-02-19110.159.29.*
One American said China pegged Yuan to US$ to show to the world that their currency is as good as US. The deficit is because of US"s firms off-shoring their businesses overseas (China) and importing them back their manufactured goods to US for sale. Somehow most American appear thick and never to understand and keep arguing that China is currency manipulator. If China is a currency manipulator and makes so much money, why US with all their intelligence and high tech cannot manipulate their currency and get an advantage over China?When Chinese official visited USA, they always said China must do trade on level playing field, why China did not ask them why they are restricitng Chinese business man to go to USA to do business? Why should they restrict this and that to the Chinese?Why Americans are always pointing their fingers outwards? Do they not know that one finger points out, at least 3 fingers are pointing backward towards themselves?Similarly, they keep talking about human rights, they kill, torture and piss even on the death!!! What image we have of the American? In early 60s, there was a book, "The Ugly American", I have never read it but going by the current happenings, there is no need for me to read it to guess what is inside.Americans had always been like what they are today.Will the Americans ever change?
Daniel in DC at 2012-02-18140.247.225.*
Mitt Romney is the MOST anti-China candidates in US history. China should do everything possible to stop Mitt Romney became president of United States
ASEAN at 2012-02-17220.255.2.*
Many US Presidents had talked really BIG in the past. They simply lied to the voters first to win votes. Remember that President Clinton had told his voters that he would be tough with leaders from Badgdad to Beijing ? Remember these words ? What happened after he was elected ? He did nothing to China because he knows very well that their domestic economic problems is never ever due to China"s at all. So this is always the first lie every US president give to the americans. Then once they are in the White House, they lie, lie and lie to its people regarding foreign policies.So everyone here, please see for yourself whether Romney will designate China a currency manipulator and take counteraction on DAY ONE of his presidency if he were elected. Please watch closely and see whether he will do what he said he would do to its people.

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