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Chinese VP calls for deeper strategic mutual trust with U.S.


08:16, February 15, 2012

China's Vice-President Xi Jinping (L) meets with US President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington, February 14, 2012. (Xinhua Photo)

WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping suggested here Tuesday that China and the United States promote "strategic mutual trust" by respecting each other's core interests and accommodating each other's major concerns.

"The development of cooperative partnership could be guaranteed only when the two sides view each other's strategic intention and development path in a correct and objective way, respect each other's core interests and accommodate each other's major concerns, avoid making troubles for each other and do not cross over each other's bottom lines," Xi said in his talks with his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden.

Xi said Taiwan and Tibet issues concern China's core interests. He expressed the hope that the U.S. side could deal with these issues prudently and properly so as to avoid repeated disturbances to bilateral ties.

Xi urged the two sides to treat each other candidly and to enhance dialogue and communication.

Leaders of the two countries should maintain close contact via exchanges of visits, meetings, telephone conversations, letters and other means, and communicate with each other on major and pressing issues regarding China-U.S. relations in a timely manner, he said.

Xi suggested the two sides should make full use of various dialogue and consultation mechanisms to provide ever fresh impetus to forging the bilateral cooperative partnership.

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