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Brazil, China pledge to strengthen bilateral cooperation


14:41, February 14, 2012

BRASILIA, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Brazil and China will strengthen cooperation in various fields and work jointly to safeguard the interests of developing nations, leaders of the two nations said here Monday.

Speaking at a meeting with visiting Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Brazil-China ties have witnessed strong growth in recent years and that political mutual trust has been enhanced amid frequent high-level exchanges.

Rousseff said Brazil views its ties with China from a global perspective and believes in the strategic importance of bilateral ties.

She said bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, finance, science and technology has developed greatly since the two countries held the first session of the China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee in Beijing in 2006.

Brazil and China share broad common interests and tremendous prospects for cooperation, the Brazilian president said, adding that she hopes the two nations could strengthen their cooperation in various multi-lateral mechanisms and jointly lift the level of cooperation among emerging economies so as to promote world economic recovery and growth.

For his part, Wang spoke along similar lines regarding bilateral ties and said China wants to step up its cooperation with Brazil on key international and regional issues and jointly safeguard the interests of developing nations.

Wang left Beijing on Friday to co-host the second meeting of the China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee.


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