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Workers return home from Sudan

By Zhou Wa and Huang Zhiling (China Daily)

14:14, February 10, 2012

Zhang Qianhui, who was kidnapped in Sudan, is warmly greeted by his wife at Chengdu airport on Thursday. (China Daily Photo)

All 46 who were attacked in Sudan by anti-government forces are safe

BEIJING / CHENGDU - Fu Shan hugged and kissed her husband Zhang Qianhui, one of the 46 workers who were attacked by Sudanese anti-government forces.

"Eight family members are waiting for him at home," Fu, who is four months pregnant, told China Daily, fighting back tears. "We prepared new clothes for him."

The workers arrived home safely on Thursday, and the Foreign Ministry urged countries to take practical measures to guarantee the security of overseas Chinese people and institutions abroad.

Tired but delighted, the 29 workers abducted during the attack arrived in Beijing and were then transferred to their hometowns. The 17 who escaped the attack and were later rescued by the Sudan government arrived in Chengdu earlier in the day on another plane.

"I feel so exited. I'm finally back home," one of the workers, Qiu Dong, told China Daily.

"We were so scared when we were surrounded by the forces They kept us in our dormitory. We were lacking water, but we helped each other to overcome the difficulties."

The workers, all from the Power Construction Corporation of China (PCCC), were attacked on Jan 28 by a group of gunmen belonging to the Sudan People's Liberation Movement north sector. One worker was killed during the attack.

After the attack occurred, the Chinese government asked the Foreign Ministry to make every effort to rescue the workers.

With the support of relevant countries and the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Foreign Ministry and other relevant departments, companies, Chinese embassies all worked together on the rescue efforts, said Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Ming.

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