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Veto dissent

By Liu Linlin (Global Times)

09:08, February 10, 2012

Public gulf yawning over line of foreign policy. Photo: Xinhua

After China and Russia Saturday jointly vetoed a United Nation Security Council (UNSC) draft resolution pressing for a regime change in Syria, questions over Chinese government's stance have been raised by some of its own people.

Views such as China should "shoulder more international responsibility" or "we cannot only put national interests above anything" have circulated online and seem to be gaining traction among some Chinese people.

For years, the majority of public opinion has been closely tied to that of the government's in terms of its stance on international affairs. For instance, when the US launched air raids on Baghdad, or when conflicts arose between China and Japan, the majority of people stood behind their government, condemning the other sides.

Questioning of the government's foreign policy has been growing in recent years amongst citizens, fueled by growing public debate over a variety of issues that have struck a nerve. The divide between the government's foreign policy and popular public opinion has grown even further with this latest move.

According to a microblog survey conducted on Sina by a Chinese assistant producer with Al Jazeera in Beijing, 55 percent of over 2,800 participants agreed that the regime of Bashar al-Assad has lost its legitimacy because it slaughters civilians. Thirty-eight percent of respondents supported China's veto and called for dialogue to resume to solve the conflict.

However, the opinion poll conducted by the Global Times website showed over 90 percent of around 30,000 respondents support China's veto, believing the veto has stopped the UNSC from becoming a tool for overthrowing regimes.

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Canada at 2012-02-1070.36.49.*
The U.S., Britain & France want regime change in Syria so they can install a puppet regime for world hegemony purposes. There are Libyan fighters in Syria, also Qatar troops [Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar], reportedly possibly British troops, part of the armed insurrection incited and encouraged by the West, and they are being armed. The West has a massive propaganda machine that launched a hysterical campaign to support their war machinations. The West whipped up the same hysteria when they falsely claimed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction & was pulling babies from incubators. At times like this much of what the Western media writes is completely one-sided, often fiction. The wars launched by the West to impose regime change in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya caused immense human suffering. It"s been reported that over 1 million people died in the Iraq war, over 112,000 civilians, the majority women and children. The West"s NTC puppet regime in Libya replacing Gaddafi has murdered and tortured thousands of blacks & pro-Gaddafi supporters. Libya may turn into a failed state like Somalia. NATO bombing destroyed much of Iraq & Libya. Afghanistan is a disaster zone. China & Russia acted responsibly by vetoing the UN resolution. How many countries have to be destroyed by wars launched by the West before the world says STOP??

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