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China cannot stay out of Syrian chaos

(Global Times)

09:29, February 09, 2012

The West has sped up efforts against Syria after the double veto by China and Russia over the UN Security Council resolution. Russia has sent its envoy to the country. China cannot sit idly by as the situation moves away from its intentions.

Even it is not able to dictate the direction of the Syrian situation, China can at least cast its influence in three aspects.

It can facilitate communication between the Assad government and the opposition. The vetoes by China and Russia have deprived the West of a convenient excuse to launch direct military action, meaning the Syrian opposition will not receive overall support as given to the NTC in Benghazi during the Libyan civil war.

The tenacity of the Assad regime, including its military strength, differs from Gaddafi's, making it harder for the opposition to seize power. These lay out the possibility of channeling dialogue between the Assad regime and the opposition. China and Russia should help the country reform and avoid revolution. It is worth a try.

Second, China should persuade the Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt to mitigate their attitude toward the Assad government. Within the Arab League, the consensus toward Syria is weak. Plus, the antipathy toward Assad is offset by the bloc being on alert to any external interference in an Arab country.

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US Marine at 2012-02-13124.207.194.*
All this talk about negotiating is crap. Killing is the way business is done in the arab world. No one should even be talking about negotiating. It"s a bad joke. If China wants to help, it can do so by dropping a nuke on Syria, and perhaps a few other arab countries whilst they"re in the neighborhood. They can turn it into a SAR. It"d be one helluva profitable venture in the long run.
PD User at 2012-02-11195.229.241.*
Agree with helen here,though i am not a supporter of nukes.Russians,Chinese,Indians,Pakistanis must arm Syria for its survival.
PD User at 2012-02-10220.164.118.*
I hear news that the U.S. is urging military actions as "the options for diplomacy has been exhausted!". PLEASE STOP STOP starting a bloodbath for the Syrian people. I would urge the opposition and its armed rebels to STOP fighting, and President Assad and his government to STOP attacking the rebels, and both sides to sit down with U.S. (and "friends") backing the oppossition, and Russia and China backing Assad and his government, and they can TRASH IT OUT ON THE NEGOTIATING TABLE, and not on the streets with only SYRIAN PEOPLE"S BLOOD!!!
PD User at 2012-02-09220.164.118.*
What does the opposition want? Write down their wish-list. What does Pres. Assad wants? Write down his wish-list. Both sides should sit down and work it out with some compromises from each side obviously, for the sake of their own Syrian people if not for humanity"s sake. Is that so HARD to do to save their own Syrian people"s pride and blood?
John at 2012-02-09113.239.230.*
helen- great idea. China should arm the world with nuclear weapons. Where do you get these ideas- from the back of a matchbook.

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