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Foreign guests get government reports in English at congress

By Zhou Wenting and Song Wenwei (China Daily)

13:52, February 08, 2012

NANJING - Foreign guests invited to a session of the People's Congress of Jiangsu province this week will be given an English version of its government reports for the first time.

"It will be meaningless if foreigners attend the conference but cannot understand the Chinese language," Hao Risheng, director of the information office of the congress standing committee, said on Tuesday.

"The intention of inviting foreigners is to show transparency in government. In addition to Chinese residents, we want to share our working concepts and plans with foreign friends who work and make investments here."

The fifth session of the 11th Jiangsu People's Congress will be convened on Thursday in the provincial capital Nanjing, and 23 foreigners have been invited, including consular officers, representatives from the Jiangsu office of foreign governments, bosses of foreign businesses and scholars.

It is the second time that foreigners have been invited to observe the annual session, according to Huang Liqun, deputy secretary-general of the standing committee. He said the English report on the work of the government will now become routine.

Prior to Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shenzhen governments were the first on the mainland to hand out English copies of their reports to foreign guests attending as observers in 2004. Beijing adopted the practice the following year and won praise from foreign auditors and journalists.

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