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29 kidnapped Chinese workers released in Sudan


08:28, February 08, 2012

A freed Chinese worker is greeted by Chinese ambassador Liu Guangyuan (R front) at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, in Nairobi Feb. 7, 2012. Twenty-nine Chinese nationals abducted by local rebels in Sudan last month arrived on Tuesday afternoon at the Wilson Airport in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi,where they were handed over to the local Chinese embassy. (Xinhua/Ding Haitao)

BEIJING, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- The Foreign Ministry confirmed Tuesday evening that the 29 Chinese workers kidnapped last month by Sudanese anti-government forces have been released and have arrived safely in Nairobi.

"The 29 persons are currently in sound physical condition and in stable moods," the ministry said in a statement.

The 29 workers arrived in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, at 22:35 p.m. Beijing Time with the escort of a Chinese government task group and Chinese overseas diplomats, the statement said.

According to earlier reports, the workers embarked on a plane chartered by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and left the area controlled by anti-government forces in Sudan Tuesday evening.

The freed workers will receive physical examinations and rest briefly in Nairobi before flying home, said the statement.

China expressed appreciation and sincere gratitude for the unremitting efforts made in the peaceful and safe rescue work by relevant countries,including Sudan and South Sudan, as well as related parties such as the ICRC, said the statement.

China also expressed gratitude for Kenya, the United Nations and other countries, organizations and people who extended support, assistance and concern over the issue.

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