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China an extremely important partner: Singapore FM


08:34, February 07, 2012

SINGAPORE, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- China is an extremely important partner for Singapore and a key player in the region, Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam said on Monday.

Shanmugam, who was currently in the United States on a week- long introductory visit in his capacity as foreign minister, would be visiting China from Thursday to Saturday, according to the online edition of local daily Straits Times.

While in Beijing, he will meet Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and other leaders.

"Singapore values its strong and substantive relations with China which have flourished through frequent high-level visits, strengthening economic linkages, extensive cooperation in many fields, and growing contacts between our peoples," Shanmugam said in a statement issued in Washington.

"I look forward to discussing with the Chinese leaders ways to broaden and deepen areas of our cooperation, on bilateral matters as well as on regional and global issues of common concern," he said.

Shanmugam added that he had intended to make China his first introductory visit outside Southeast Asia but was unable to do so due to scheduling problems.

Noting that China has made phenomenal economic and social progress in the past 30 years, he said the strength and resilience of the Chinese economy has been a stabilizing force and an engine of growth for regional economies.

"China's growth and prosperity not only benefits China, but also contributes to regional and global peace and stability," he was quoted as saying.

He dismissed the idea that a renewed American focus in the region could lead to conflict with China "because it is not in anyone's interest."

Shanmugam is also the minister for law in the current cabinet. He was appointed minister of foreign affairs and minister for law in the cabinet reshuffle following the defeat of former Foreign Minister George Yeo in the parliamentary elections in May last year.


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Peace loverPEACE at 2012-02-08220.255.2.*
Please look into the comments by the general public in Singapore.
Singaporean at 2012-02-08220.164.118.*
Naw, no foreign troops on our island, not from my personal point of view anyway. Our neighbors in Malaysia and Indonesia will agree with me. ASEAN is a peaceful and beautiful community, for Chinese, Americans and World tourists to visit and enjoy themselves. It is not so stupid as to allow foreign warships, rapists-soldiers, and crazy troops to hang loose on their lands to wreak havoc, disunity and wars among peace-loving and progressive people.
Question at 2012-02-0871.255.83.*
I still am puzzled why countries are willing to ally with US when it is obvious that US has been creating instability over the world. I could only point to cultural hegemony but are these world leaders that ignorant to see through all what"s happening?
PD User at 2012-02-0760.240.57.*
Singapore SUX!!! It tends to follow the JaPENIS footsteps to rip China off... What a hypocrite? US established permanent Carrier base in the Island... Pretty soon, I"m looking forward to hearing their daughters get cumming from the rapists: The Few, The Proud; The Rapists!
Singaporean at 2012-02-07220.164.118.*
Yeah, Singapore plays both sides of the street but they would not sell their own children for a dollar!!! or stab China"s back. Please, don"t have so much hatred but this is called freedom of expression, so it"s ok.

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