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China tells U.S. to stop groundless accusations


08:19, February 07, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday asked the United States to abandon its "Cold War mentality" and cease making groundless accusations against China, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Spokesman Liu Weimin made the remark at a daily press briefing when commenting on an annual national security threat assessment report delivered by the U.S. government.

The report stated that China has invaded American computer networks on a large scale, stolen intellectual property and conducted economic espionage. The report also named Chinese intelligence agencies as the biggest threat to the U.S. in relevant fields for the next few years.

Liu said the accusations are "totally fictitious" and were made with an ulterior motive in mind.

Cyberattacks are transnational and anonymous, Liu said, adding that it is "unprofessional and irresponsible" to deduce the source of an attack without a thorough investigation.

The spokesman said China has repeatedly declared its stance on issues regarding Internet security. China is willing to continue cooperation with the international community on safeguarding Internet security, he added.


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PD User at 2012-02-08120.165.26.*
the world is fed up with what was made ??by the U.S. over the last few decades, the only hope, only to China to bring the nations to a better world
UYA at 2012-02-0861.144.136.*
Yes....I agree with what many of you are saying. As an American I am ashamed of what the US "government" has done through out the world. I want to make it clear is the "government" not the "people" of America that is doing this. Since there is "free speech" and a "free press", many Americans take what they read at "face value" and do not question their government. Chinese people on the other hand, question everything they read in the Chinese media. Strange
ASEAN at 2012-02-07220.255.2.*
@Helen, what you said is absolutely right ! US mass media had been going on an offensive against China for more than 4 decades. US had always accused China for all their self creating problems. No matter what, they will keep on creating problems for China as they do not want to be your friend. Their mass media are full of lies. China mass media must start telling the whole world on the truth about the evils of US.
ASEAN at 2012-02-07220.255.2.*
US is one of the worse country in the whole world. They are always looking for trouble with many countries in all continents. They culture is always lies, cheats, robs, steal, accusations, bullies, threat, unfair trade practices, destroy and flatten countries and is the country that does not play by international rules but expect others to do so. They do not believe in creating a more harmonious and peaceful world with other countries for mankind. They have been making groundless accusation against so many countries. US is controlled and run by the 1% of the rich and evil Americans that only believe in money, more money and sell weapons to opposition groups in many countries. They control the other 99% of the population in US and on daily basis bombard them with lies in their mass media. The lies are spread far and wide to the general Americans and when the time comes, it is the general public ( the other 99% of the population ) that are call up and make to believe to fight and die for a “just” course such as in Iraq. But is the war in Iraq just or full of lies ? Many Americans got killed in Iraq for no reason other than lies feeding to them through their controlled mass media. They had died for nothing. Many had lost their sons, daughters, mothers and fathers for nothing. The 1 % of the elite does not lost their sons, daughters, mothers or fathers at all. This 1% are enjoying lives even when the 99% of the Americans are fighting an unjust war in other countries. The only hope left is for one American who is spiritually and morally upright in USA to organize and stand up to the evil deeds of their government and this one man who can feel the miseries that USA had created in so many countries in this world since World War II. I hope this one man can come from the organizer of the Occupy Wall Street because they are the one that are impartial in their outlook. May God bless and protect the organizers of the Occupy Wall Street.
helen at 2012-02-07203.82.80.*
The United States will just continue indefinitely to resort to infantile and groundless labels and accusations. They must be treated with utmost contempt.So much time and energy have been wasted to counter US agenda and falling right into the US entrapment. It"s time for the Chinese media to take take a different approach and be not always on the defensive. The United States will persist in their disinformation exercise and demonise China and the Chinese people. What is the Chinese media going to do!? Remember the Chinese are no longer living under the Qing Dynasty reign!!!?

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