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Military blocs 'have no role in Asia'

By Wang Chenyan (China Daily)

13:40, February 06, 2012

BEIJING - Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun on Saturday rejected moves to deliberately strengthen military alliances in Asia as "going against the times and people's will" and reiterated China's policy of building friendship and partnership with its Asian neighbors.

Zhang made the remarks during a panel discussion entitled "America, Europe and the Rise of Asia" at the 48th Munich Security Conference.

More than 10 state leaders and 40 defense ministers from all over the world attended the high-level annual forum in the southern Germany city to discuss solutions and strategies for new security threats in the face of a shrinking global economy.

The rise of Asia represents a greater balance in the international power structure, Zhang told the seminar.

Speaking with panelists including former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, Singaporean Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen, US Senator John McCain and former French foreign minister Michel Barnier, Zhang emphasized that the development of the East and the West is not a zero-sum game.

Zhang said China does not seek a sphere of influence or intend to build an exclusive regional order and is not capable of doing so.

The situation in Syria and Egypt and the growing tensions between Iran and the West were also major subjects on this year's agenda.

Zhang denounced talk of a "Chinese Arab Spring" as "no more than fantasy" and, in response to McCain, condemned foreign interference in China's internal affairs.

McCain, a former US presidential candidate in 2008, played up China's human rights issue, saying that "the Arab Spring is coming to China" during the panel discussion chaired by Kissinger.

McCain spoke of "longstanding liberal internationalist values", advising that the West should look at the development of human rights in China.

Experts in Beijing suggested that there are differences between China and the US in terms of their strategic policies on Asia.

Shi Yinhong, a researcher at the China Institute of International Studies, said China will remain firmly committed to peaceful development and strengthen its defense capability as the US looks toward Asia.

"The US' strategic shift to Asia has triggered worldwide concern. China will not be scared off, but it will not resort to military action to fight future threats, either."

Shi said McCain's remarks in front of the audience of world leaders, ministers, diplomats and security experts were "irresponsible".

Ye Hailin, a researcher on the Middle East at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, also said he thought McCain's words revealed his lack of basic knowledge of both China and the Middle East.

"The current conflicts in some Arab countries have their root in geopolitics, practical interests and the Sunni-Shiite split. So it's just ridiculous to say the pattern could be copied in China."


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Tracker at 2012-02-08122.107.87.*
@helen, Oh! you have very hot :-) Pardon the philosophy here but if a fish hungrily takes the bait then he will most likely get hooked and will end up on the fisherman"s plate. If a fish ignores the bait then he misses out on his meal and will go hungry and will risk the bait next time without thinking. If a fish is wise enough to take some of the bait and leave the part of the bait with the hook in it then at least the fish swims away with a meal and the fisherman needs to replace his bait and cast again. Chinese leaders are not in deep slumber, they know what they are doing.
PD User at 2012-02-06117.242.144.*
the picture had not started and so much frustration and desperation from west and chinese neighbours what is the problem why so much fear from china its unnecessary unrealistic and wild imgaination results.please i urge west and japanese do not be hyperactive be practical everybody shld look towards building good peacefull world chinese are not aliens they are also from this planet they have equal rights like others.
helen at 2012-02-06203.82.82.*
Oh yes, according to US Global Tyranny!The United States has categorically planned to contain and encircle China in the years to come. They are out to isolate, undermine, sabotage, harass ... and provoke China at every turn. This is in addition to funding and training terrorists to cause ethnic chaos ..... China is the primary and fundamental target of US Global Tyranny. It is completely delusional and self deceptive to fail to realise the coming storms ...The vile and evil schemes were already long started by the United State and some Chinese leaders are still in deep slumber. What does it take for the United States to do to make known its aggressive and evil intentions to these people!? Please be more patriotic when you print such unadulterated bunkum in the People"s Daily.

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