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China halts 'one-sided' draft

By Zhu Shanshan (Global Times)

08:40, February 06, 2012

Experts called for unified international efforts to promote peaceful negotiations as a way to stop the violence and settle disputes in Syria, after Russia and China jointly vetoed an Arab-European draft UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution concerning Syria on Saturday.

Proposed by European and Arab nations, the draft aimed to give strong backing to an Arab League plan to ask Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Russia and China used their second ever double-veto to block the plan in the UNSC as the two countries believed that it was not the best way to promote peace in the Middle Eastern country, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

After the vote, US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice criticized Russia and China for "selling out the Syrian people and shielding a craven tyrant."

British Permanent Representative to the UN Mark Lyall Grant said London was "appalled" at the veto, while French President Nicolas Sarkozy "strongly deplored" the decision by Russia and China.

Hours before the vote on the draft, Russia issued an amended resolution, which sought "to fix two basic problems" - the first was the imposition of conditions on dialogue; the second was that measures must be taken to influence not only the government but also anti-government armed groups.

"The draft resolution did not adequately reflect the real state of affairs in Syria and has sent an unbalanced signal to the Syrian parties," Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said after the vote.

"Russia and China were forced to vote against the unbalanced draft resolution," the Russian foreign ministry said.

Li Baodong, Chinese permanent representative to the UN, expressed regret that the Russian proposal was ignored and said that China supports the revised proposal raised by Russia.

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Tracker at 2012-02-07122.107.87.*
@mr. K, because "the West" said so if you read the English news web sites, Guardian (UK), Reuters, AAP, AFP take your pick and Google it.
mr. K at 2012-02-07124.78.51.*
"the West will increase its military and financial support for Syrian opposition forces" And what is the proof you have for saying that ???
Sam Teng at 2012-02-06175.139.83.*
The Syrian crisis has resulted in many deaths on boh sides of the divide. Let"s not cause more bloodshed. It"s a Syrian domestic affairs and no outside interference is warranted. The Syrians themselves will have to sit down and start the peace talks. Only then will there be lasting peace. China and Russia"s veto in the Security Council will pave the way for such talks; and the Syrains themselves must seize this opporunity before more innocent lives are lost.
Eyeball at 2012-02-06202.64.134.*
Hey, they call that "mission creep". They start and they overdo it. Next you know Gaddaffi is lynched... that"s called "brought to justice".
Tracker at 2012-02-06122.107.87.*
I have to agree with China"s veto. I think Russia"s veto is more to do with recent arms sales whereas China appears to be deeply concerned about this issue and the continuing abuse of UN resolutions. The United States needs to stop interfering in other countries domestic issues (supplying arms to the opposition is only going to inflame the situation and result in more bloodshed) and the US, UK, France and others need to stop interpreting UN resolutions as a means to bomb the hell out of anyone they don"t like. Who will be next ?

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