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China dismisses accusation of its activities in Arctic

(Beijing Times)

16:28, February 03, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Chinese officials and scholars have recently refuted a Japanese newspaper's accusation of its activities in the Arctic region, saying that China’s activities are for the purposes of regular environmental investigation and investment and have nothing to do with resource plundering and strategic control, Xinhua news reported.

“Greedy eyes of China never left the wealth of Arctic,” said a report from Sankei Shimbun of Japan on Jan. 28. It said China’s geological exploration in Arctic area is aimed at plundering the oil and gas resources and controlling Asia-Europe arctic route in future by investment in the countries in north Europe to build Arctic strategic foothold, rather than purely scientific investigation.

Qu Tanzhou, Director of Polar Research Office of State Oceanic Administration of China, said this report is full of absurd supposition, and attempts to arouse suspicion and worsen the relationship between countries in the region and China.

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romanov at 2012-02-0480.94.16.*
2012-2-3.My God,japanese a such stupid even greedy"s american not have a such ambition in the Arthic region.
wende at 2012-02-0371.255.83.*
Are other countries that noble that they are not thinking about the resources and other gains in the area? Why do you think the countries in that region is trying very hard to prevent other non-regional countries from joining. Because they want to get all the "benefits" themselves. Japan is always envious of China"s success because it believes it is better than China and is furious when they see China goes ahead of it. This short-sightedness will not benefit Japan and will bring gloom to its citizens. China"s main concern is not to become a hegemon but to have decent lives to its people.

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