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Beijing against sanctions on Syria

By Zhang Yuwei and Li Lianxing (China Daily)

09:01, February 02, 2012

Forcing regime change in Syria violates charter, UN envoy says

UNITED NATIONS / DAMASCUS - China expressed its opposition to military intervention, or the introduction of new sanctions, to resolve the situation in Syria as Beijing issued a travel alert and reminded its citizens already in the country to step up security measures.

"We firmly oppose forcefully pushing for 'regime change', which violates the purpose and principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms governing international relations," Li Baodong, China's ambassador to the United Nations, said during a Security Council debate on Syria on Tuesday.

The council was debating an Arab League plan calling for an end to violence and for the Syrian president to step down.

Both China and Russia said that this resembled forced regime change.

Li said that "sanctions, rather than help resolve an issue, often lead to further complications". He also said China supports Russia regarding the situation in Syria.

In the first complete expression of China's position on the Syrian issue, Li's remarks showed that China does not want a rerun of events in Libya, Chinese experts said.

The Security Council adopted a resolution last year to authorize "all necessary measures" to protect Libyan civilians. NATO military action followed.

Yin Gang, an expert on Middle East studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that both China and Russia do not want the Security Council to be used as an excuse for military intervention.

"The political system in Syria may need to be improved, but the change should be made through non-violent means," Yin added.

Li said on Tuesday that the Syrian people will find a way out of the crisis. "Syria and its people are sufficiently able and resourceful to find a political system and mode of economic growth suited to Syria's national conditions."

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Peter, Sweden at 2012-02-0583.249.194.*
I"ve been censored again. That"s what it"s like trying to talk to dictators Poor you.
Mishra,India at 2012-02-022.50.224.*
Well US & NATO will go with or without UN approval just like they did in Iraq.Unfortunately Russia & China can only lodge protests.There needs to a power bloc to counter NATO else smaller countries will be consumed one after another on one pretext or the other.Asia must stand united on such issues.
helen at 2012-02-02203.82.92.*
All these so-called "UN sanctions" or "excuses for military invasions of sovereign nations" were masterminded by that Washington Witch at the US State Department. Though no match to Monica Lewinsky, she wouldn"t even help lift her arthritic fingers to alleviate the miseries and sufferings of millions of American citizens who are living (46 million Americans) on food stamps, unemployed and without housing with very many living in tent cities across the whole of USA! She has literally, together with the US Congress, turn the American nation into a nightmare of sorts!Such is her speciality in sabotaging, undermining, instigating .... and bringing devastation and deaths to the peoples of the World. She is so indispensible to US Global Tyranny and the World of Nations are hoping that her witching days will come to an early end - retribution wise.
McCarthy at 2012-02-02206.125.64.*
Thank You China and Russia. You may have saved thousands of lives by oppossing another imperialist military adventure by the United States and NATO. Let us hope that sanity will prevail and the US and NATO does not go it alone without the blessing of the Security Council.
Canada at 2012-02-0270.36.49.*
Yes, don"t cave in to Western pressure.

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