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China stays firmly committed to advancing ties with Africa, says vice FM


09:37, January 26, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- China will firmly stand together with African countries while unswervingly pushing forward Sino-African strategic partnership, no matter how the international environment changes, said Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun Thursday.

Zhai made the remarks in a signed article on top Chinese political advisor Jia Qinglin's upcoming visit to Africa.

Africa still faced enormous challenges against the backdrop of simmering global finance crisis, and turbulence encountered by several countries in western Asia and northern Africa, which dealt a blow to Africa's peace, stability and development, Zhai said, adding that some outside forces' intervention into Africa's internal affairs impeded the integration process among African countries.

Within this context, there is stronger demand of African countries for stability, development, solidarity and independence, he said.

The international community should pay more attention to Africa's voice and problems, respect its opinions, accommodate its concerns, protect peace, stability and development in Africa, and support Africa's independent settlement of issues in its own region, Zhai said.

He said Jia's visit, first foreign trip paid by Chinese leaders in the Chinese Lunar New Year, will be of great significance in deepening Sino-African ties and cementing the solidarity and cooperation among developing countries, Zhai said.

Jia will declare China's determination on developing Sino-African ties during the trip, he said.

Enhancing solidarity and cooperation with Africa constitutes an important part of China's diplomacy, and will be the long-term strategic choice firmly pursued by China, Zhai said.

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