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China: US sanctions on Chinese oil firm unreasonable

(People's Daily Online)

16:45, January 19, 2012

Beijing, Jan. 19 (People's Daily Online) -- In response to the U.S.'s unilateral sanctions on a Chinese oil firm, China on Wednesday stated that it is unreasonable to place one country's domestic law above international law.

Recently, the United States announced imposing sanctions on the Chinese oil firm Zhuhai Zhenrong Corp. for selling refined petroleum products to Iran.

At a daily press briefing yesterday in Beijing, China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin was asked whether China deems the U.S. act as a violation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and plans to submit the case to the WTO.

"I am not sure whether the sanctions infringe the WTO rules," said Liu. "But placing one country's domestic law above international law and pressing others to obey is not reasonable."

In a previous media briefing, Liu voiced China's "strong dissatisfaction and adamant opposition" to the United States' decision, saying that imposing sanctions on a Chinese company based on a domestic law is groundless and does not conform to the spirit or content of the UN Security Council resolutions about the Iran nuclear issue.

The sanctions prevent the Chinese firm from receiving U.S. export licences, U.S. Export Import Bank financing or any loans over $10m from U.S. financial institutions. (Li Zhenyu)


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Chan at 2012-01-21114.39.181.*
China should submit the case to the WTO!
Sam Teng at 2012-01-20175.136.180.*
This is just another desperate act by the US. They always act first before they think. Obviously, this will backfire and be the loser in the end.
Huoqiao at 2012-01-2024.131.184.*
That is when you always have been the young brother and can"t stand up to your older brother. Whether he was right or wrong, you shown submission always. It may take another 20 to 30 years from now before China can stand up as a grown up brother, that is both economically and technologically equal. China must emphasize very heavily on both quality and quantity. And at time, if your young brothers fail to obey your order, must willing to give knuckle, if need be.
SteveLaudig at 2012-01-2096.44.173.*
until the United States withdraws from Hawaii; apologizes to the Hawaiians; Filipinos; Haitians; Columbians; Panamanians; Cubans; Santo Dominicans; Grenadians; Black South Africans; Angolans; etc etc etc. it is no position to insist upon others obedience to international law. And the US should, in order to not interfere in the internal affairs of another state cease arming those in power on Taiwan.
stovepipe johnson at 2012-01-1967.142.168.*
the us has lost it way. 50 years from now china you will be the man.

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