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China, India sign pact on border affairs


08:07, January 18, 2012

NEW DELHI - China and India signed an agreement here Tuesday on establishing a working mechanism for consultation and coordination over their border issues.

The agreement was signed by China's Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin and Indian Ambassador to China S. Jaishankar on behalf of their respective governments.

The agreement is believed to help strengthen bilateral cooperation on border affairs, and benefit the joint effort to maintain peace and tranquillity of their border areas.

Under the agreement, the working mechanism will be headed by officials at director general level from China's Foreign Ministry and at joint secretary level from Indian External Affairs Ministry, and will be composed of diplomatic and military officials of the two sides.

The major task of the mechanism is to deal with border related affairs so as to maintain peace and tranquillity in the border areas.

The mechanism will address issues and situations that may arise in the border areas that affect the maintenance of peace and tranquillity and will work actively towards maintaining the friendly atmosphere between the two countries.

It will not, however, discuss resolution of the boundary question or affect special representatives mechanism.

The working mechanism will study ways and means to conduct and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between military personnel and establishments of the two sides in the border areas.

It will provide a proper channel and platform facilitating information exchange and coordination, so that border related affairs can be handled in a timely and effective manner at the diplomatic level.

The mechanism will help enhance mutual trust, ensure peace and stability in the border areas, thus creating favorable conditions for resolving boundary questions through negotiations and promoting bilateral ties.


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