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US must be objective, Xi says

By Wu Jiao and Zheng Yangpeng  (China Daily)

08:11, January 17, 2012

Vice-President Xi Jinping proposes a toast during a banquet after a gathering in Beijing of officials, scholars and diplomats commemorating 40 years since Richard Nixon made his historic trip to China in 1972. (China Daily/Wu Zhiyi)

BEIJING - The United States should view China's strategic intentions in an objective way and ensure that disputes between the two countries do not harm ties, Vice-President Xi Jinping said on Monday, ahead of a key visit to the US.

Recognizing differences in history and culture, Xi said that it was normal for the two countries to encounter disputes and friction.

"We hope that the US can view China's strategic intentions and development path in a sensible and objective way, and be committed to developing a cooperative partnership," Xi said.

"Ultimate caution should be given to major and sensitive issues that concern each country's core interests to avoid any distraction and setbacks in China-US relations," Xi said.

"By no means can we let relations again suffer major disruption," Xi told a meeting in Beijing.

Xi also said that the two countries should follow the spirit of the three joint communiques signed between China and the US to ensure that bilateral relations develop in a steady and smooth manner.

"No matter what changes might take place in the international situation, our commitment to developing the Sino-US partnership should never waver for temporary development," Xi told a meeting commemorating 40 years since US president Richard Nixon made his historic visit to China in 1972.

That visit changed the world's political landscape.

Addressing the gathering of academics, officials and senior diplomats who had been involved in the 1972 visit, Xi confirmed he will soon visit the US at the invitation of Vice-President Joe Biden.

"I will soon visit the United States at the invitation of Vice-President Biden, and I hope that my visit can play a positive role in advancing the Sino-US partnership," Xi said.

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John at 2012-01-20113.231.246.*
helen- why not just start World War III and get it over. It"s a good day to die
helen at 2012-01-17203.82.92.*
To expect the United States to behave objectively, morally, peacefully ,,,,,, and not embark in mindless aggression and military invasion of small sovereign nations and creating troubles for others is more than wishful thinking. It has become the traditional practice and the only foreign policy of the United States. Without wars, the United States ceases to be of any significance!US Global tyranny only understands power be it the enormous and effective nuclear deterrent of New Russia and the ever growing economic power of New China. Even that, the United States is forever trying aim to sabotage and undermine both the countries in the form of US Global Terrorism.The demise of the US$ will be the first step towards dismantling US Global Tyranny. As for small sovereign nations, they must beg, steal, borrow, purchase .... and covertly or otherwise develop nuclear weapons and their missile delivery systems. Developing uranium atomic bombs does not require them to be tested. they work wonderfully when detonated over the US and its axis. That"s why Iran does not have test them and N Korea will be testing their Hydrogen and Neutron bombs soon. That is the route to survival in the face of intensifying and expanding US military adventures.

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