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China slashes US decision to impose sanction on Chinese company


09:24, January 15, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 14 (Xinhua)-- China on Saturday voiced its "strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition" to the United States' decision to impose sanction on a Chinese company, the Zhuhai Zhenrong Corp.

"As many other countries, China maintained normal cooperation with Iran in energy, economy and trade fields," Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said when asked to comment on the sanction.

The United States attempted to internationalize its unilateral sanction measures against Iran, and to implement sanction against the Chinese company according to its domestic law, "which is groundless" , Liu said.

Such a move is also not in line with the content and spirit of related resolutions on the Iran nuclear issue adopted by the United Nations Security Council, he said.


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DeNiro at 2012-02-02178.199.68.*
There is another effective way of dealing with Americans. Introduce sanctions against one of their companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and similar, whose growth nowadays really depends on Chinese market, and very soon whole their economy will just collapse. And Hilary Klinton will come to Beijing to beg for financial aid like Angela Merkel now.
DeNiro at 2012-02-02178.199.68.*
They have completely lost their minds and any reason to the point of stopped being human anymore.I think there should be a team of people analyzing what"s happen with Western leaders and their nations, but that"s part of deep root cause analysis that might take some time.But, somebody needs to contain this Western madness now, otherwise the world if really going to disappear soon. And I think there is one effective way of dealing with them. Develop Dongfeng "carrier-killer" missiles and then offer them to the friendly countries in Latin America and, why not, Iran.Then, when you bow to Jews (as a sign of civilized respect), they will understand that they need to bow as well.When people and nations start respecting each other, the world will become peaceful and safe place to live.
lioheart1965 at 2012-02-01122.149.56.*
I salute to kamHua for correct analysis "as long as you bow for the Jews you are OK". West is imposing sanction against Iran (which still has no nukes). But they dont want to talk about Israeli nukes. Do you remeber Haditha massacre, in which 24 innocent Iraqis were massacred including 6 children. US troops killed even 1 year and 3 year baby on their head their mother was killed while saving 3 year old US judiciary has let every killer go free. Murderer were not awarded even one day in jail. Consider the case if China kills 24 American ---and then Chinese judiciary releases the murderer--what will be US reaction? US is turning into the biggest hypocrite nation
PD User at 2012-01-18120.165.6.*
to fight and defeat the U.S., it is not enough just from the government alone, however, especially the people of China as a whole must be willing to make sacrifices, to defend the sovereignty of nation and state of China from attacks by the U.S.
PD User at 2012-01-17220.255.1.*
@KamHua,Well said.

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