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Iran nuclear issue unrelated to energy cooperation, China says

(People's Daily Online)

16:41, January 12, 2012

Beijing, Jan. 12 (People's Daily Online) -- The energy cooperation between China and Iran is unrelated to the Iran nuclear issue, China's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Some U.S. officials recently said that one of the main purposes of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visits to Beijing is to persuade China to reduce crude imports from Iran.

At a daily press briefing yesterday in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin was asked to make a comment on this.

"China is a major developing country, and it has reasonable demand for energy," said Liu. "We have repeatedly stated that China, like many other countries, has normal, open and transparent energy cooperation with Iran, and it is unrelated to the Iran nuclear issue."

Liu said that China's energy cooperation with Iran does not violate the United Nations Security Council resolutions and should not be affected. (Li Zhenyu)


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VN_friend at 2012-01-13207.178.234.*
Hope China understands that if China let Iran be by itself and fall under Western imperialist attacks until it has atomic bombs to deter its enemies and defend itself, China will have to beg U.S. on its knees for Middle East oil forever. It happened to Japan and continues to be that way with Japan for a foreseable future. So China, don’t be fooled by offers from other oil suppliers who are coercied to be‘U.S. allies’. Those countries can be easily squeezed under U.S. pressure to stop selling oil to China at any time when a Sino-U.S. conflict arises. China could cooperate with Russia on helping Iran to win against the oil sanctions this time, but don’t count on Russia completely. Russia might be a good ally but the West could easily abuse its naiveté. Let China show the developing world and oppressed nations the human wisdom and strength to stand up against evil powers for a final victory and last laugh.
wende at 2012-01-1371.255.83.*
The 3 US carrier groups coming together in that area are just there for Rest & Recreation, according to US.
kmac at 2012-01-12131.183.72.*
Screw China, Jesus, they can"t even control their own, i.e. N Korea so who gives a flying f*** what China says.
Canada at 2012-01-1270.36.49.*
The U.S. is trying to blackmail China into adopting the U.S. foreign policy.

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