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China should stay calm, alert about US strategy adjustments

By Luo Yuan (PLA Daily)

08:03, January 12, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On Jan. 5, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a defense strategy report titled “Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense”, which highlighted the country’s determination to maintain its status as a “military superpower” despite budget pressures as well as its plan to shift its military focus to the Asia-Pacific region.

The United States shifts its focus to the Asia-Pacific region mainly for four purposes. The first purpose is to “sustain U.S. global leadership” and to ensure its absolute safety and absolute advantages, as the report’s title reveals. The second is to take advantage of the Asia-Pacific region’s strong economic growth to solve its own economic problems. The third is to make waves in the region in collaboration with its allies. The fourth is to form an alliance in the region to counter China’s rise.

The United States is still in the period of strategic contraction despite the recent seemingly aggressive defense strategy adjustments. There are three reasons why it is using offensive tactics simply for defense.

First, this strategic adjustment is an overdue adjustment. It is an extension of the last adjustment, but it does not mean that the United States has “moved from Europe to Asia.” The United States pays attention to the balance of powers between Europe and Asia. It will not ignore Europe but will “look at both of Europe and Asia.” Therefore, its strategic power will be split.

Second, this strategic adjustment is its only choice in a gloomy economic situation. The United States has been heavily damaged by the financial crisis, and still cannot recover its economy steadily and is facing a high unemployment rate and a greatly reduced budget. Therefore, it has to make such an adjustment.

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Yao at 2012-01-15198.228.212.*
The only way and a long one for Americans to understand China and it's great civilization and long history is to have more ordinary Americans visit China to see and feel the pulse of China and Chinese. Majority of Americans are have very little contact with Chinese people and much less with China . The mass media bias reportings and political rhetorics of politicians looking for scapegoating in recent Americans people sufferings from the economic downturn in US is real. There are great number of Americans going through a very painful and difficult times from either ill conceived policies and private enterprises greediness business ventures resulting in massive unemployment of Americans. These are self inflicted wounds. China is, of course, a convenient scape goat. The only way and a long one for Americans to understand China and Chinese people or it's system of government is to have more Americans visit China . China should establish or greate a scholarship for American youth to study in China. This can be either a government sponsored program or better still be a private one similar to the Rhode scholarship. This will promote mutual understandings and it's lasting beneficiary will be a more harmonious world.
Yao at 2012-01-15198.228.212.*
Majority of American have very little contact with Chinese people and know next to nothing about China either as a multiethnic continental country with great civilization and history and the great Chinese transformations since the founding of PRC. Majority of Americans heard about China through mass medias with bias preconception or politicians with provincial rhetormics and expediency. The recent economic difficulties from US self inflict imprudent public policies and or private dishonest enterprises ocontributed
Wendy Bryce at 2012-01-1470.78.89.*
"International agressor and bully, the U.S.?" These are the same 'neighbours' that Russia wants to attend the next winter games in Sochi.
PD User at 2012-01-13203.97.220.*
China must stay focus what China has been doing and keep going and keep improving the whole nation and people. And China will learn to work smarter and not harder as time come.US and its so call allies will soon become irrevelant if insists on the trouble maker side for China and the world. God is fair!
Ecky at 2012-01-13182.68.243.*
US want to control OIL supply and hence the economic output...they want to control syria and Iran.By doing this the US and western allies have full control on oil.Than they can control CHINA"s economy just by closing OIL TAP.....They have already done to IRAQ, LYBIA....So China has to protect IRAN to protect there own economy.....Cheers

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