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People march in Rome to mourn murdered Chinese

By Zhu Shanshan (Global Times)

08:31, January 11, 2012

Thousands of Chinese and Italians marched through the streets of Rome Tuesday to mourn a Chinese merchant and his daughter who were murdered in a robbery, pressing Italian authorities to boost public security.

The demonstration started at 3:30 pm from Rome's Piazza Vittorio to the crime scene in the Tor Pignattara area where the two Chinese were killed December 4.

"Many Chinese merchants in Italy closed their shops to join today's demonstration. Some asked for leave from their jobs. We are here to show our solidarity. I hope the Italian government can hear our calls and really improve the notorious security condition in the city," Ge Zhaohai, a Chinese tourist guide working in Rome, told the Global Times.

Ge said an increasing number of his customers traveling to Italy recently were robbed or had their belongings stolen. He attributed the worsening economic situation in Europe as being behind the surge.

Chen Mingwu, a secretary of the Rome Overseas Chinese Association and a sponsor of the event, told the Global Times that thousands of Chinese, as well as Italians and other expatriates, had joined Tuesday's memorial march.

Chen said many communities were appalled by the tragedy and hoped that Italian authorities would hunt down the murderers and improve the security situation.

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