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Attack on Iran 'would be a disaster'

By Li Lianxing (China Daily)

08:15, January 11, 2012

BEIJING - China strongly opposes the use of military force against Iran or Syria, a senior diplomat said on Tuesday, warning that a war in the region will be a disaster both on a humanitarian level and for the world economy.

Chen Xiaodong, director-general of the Foreign Ministry's Department of West Asian and North African Affairs, also told China Daily that unilateral sanctions intensify the causes of conflict rather than resolve them.

Chen's remarks come a day after Vice-Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai told China-based foreign reporters that sanctions alone cannot solve the Iran dispute and stressed that normal trade relations and energy cooperation between China and Iran have nothing to do with the nuclear issue.

The diplomats were speaking against the backdrop of rising tension between Iran and the West over the purpose of Teheran's nuclear program.

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner arrived in Beijing on Tuesday, allegedly, to seek support from China for US sanctions on Teheran's oil industry.

"We prefer negotiation and dialogue in resolving conflict between countries," Chen said. "We oppose the use of military force against Iran as it is against international law to use force on a sovereign country."

Chen made the remarks during an interview with the China Daily website, the third in a series with senior officials of the ministry.

Against repeated threats of an oil embargo from the European Union and increasing financial sanctions from the US, Iran has recently threatened to block the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

The US warned that closing the strait is a red line that Iran should think twice before crossing.

Chen said a war in the region would be a disaster for the countries involved and depress the global economy as 40 percent of oil shipments pass through the strait.

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PD User at 2012-01-18114.198.10.*
To the US Marine-You are the world terrorists and bullies- Not Muslims .You are all paranoid that someone will attach you -after all you did have a civil war where you fought fellow country men. Your country has no hesitation to attach anyone they feel like and justify it when the locals fight back.You have the nerve to call the insurgents -they are only trying to get heir country backHow do you think you would act if someone invaded the USA! By the way -I am from Australia, White, middle class
Ron at 2012-01-12113.239.224.*
Sam Teng If you are going to smoke this much dope you have to bring enough for everybody
Chinhomiah at 2012-01-12180.129.84.*
All too frequently empires go to war without realising that the outcome can topple their leaderships and lead to their own dissolution. The The German Kaiser, the Romanovs and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire all approached World War 1 convinced that they will win the war, and totally unprepared for the forces that the Great War unleashed. America is so confident of its military might that it may be on the verge of committing the same folly. When will the reactionary leaders of America realise that even the greatest of empires does not fully control the actions of men nor the outcome of wars. Who is to say that in the longer term, an American attack on Iran may well unravel the contradictions of Imperial America and make it even more glaringly clear that the country is on the way to becoming a has-been power.
Bob at 2012-01-12124.207.194.*
It"s already begun. We just popped another one of their nuke scientists. Hell yeah!!!!
US Marine at 2012-01-12124.207.194.*
We will be there soon. We"re only 32 years too late because Jimmy Carter was such a coward. I hope I get deployed. I"m so ready to kill some more muslim pigs!

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