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'Cold war thinking' has no place in Asia

By Zhao Shengnan  (China Daily)

08:15, January 09, 2012

BEIJING - Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin on Sunday urged Asian countries to discard their "cold war mentality" when handling sensitive regional issues, saying that "exclusive security partnerships" fall short in terms of coping with the current complex regional situation.

His words came in the wake of China's occasionally tense relations with its neighbors in Asia last year, which were further complicated by Washington's strategic shift in the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia is generally stable and peaceful, yet thorny issues such as maritime and energy security still remain. "To address emerging problems, relevant sides have to firstly strengthen mutual trust in this diverse and complex region," he said.

After many years of efforts, a complex, multi-level security structure has been established and plays a constructive role in the Asia-Pacific region. This includes the Six-Party Talks, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) regional forums, Liu said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency.

All the existing mechanisms should fully exploit their advantages, be complementary and promote each other, since "in the short-term, it is hardly possible to forge a pan-Asia-Pacific region security mechanism which tops all these mechanisms", Liu said.

The regional security mechanism should be based on mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, he said.

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helen at 2012-01-09203.82.92.*
The United States is never satisfied until the whole World is in turmoil. This is their only justification for existence. They think they can only thrive if they could create as much chaos and troubles for other sovereign nations. And the World of nations are fully aware of US vile and evil schemes.New China is different from Soviet Union. And we are not afraid of US Global Tyranny.Cold War or not, the Chinese people under the CPC will overcome and triumph over the United States.
Truly Asian at 2012-01-09220.164.118.*
East, South, and South-East Asia has been generally peaceful and developing since the 2nd-world war - caused mainly by the cruelty of Japan and its apeing Hitler"s mentality. Now Japan wants to sell arms (with the aid of the U.S.) to countries in these regions so they can have the best of the best of technology to kill each other, while Japan and U.S. can laugh all the way to the bank! What a brilliant idea don"t you think, people of Asia (apart from Japan)?
Ricky at 2012-01-0924.83.162.*
Definitely no. Here"s the reason ... Trade between China and other Asian countries reached $965.2 billion in first 11 months of 2011, up 21 percent year-on-year.

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