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China says trade ties with Iran "open and transparent"


08:28, January 05, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) -- China's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the country has maintained "normal, open and transparent" ties with Iran in the fields of economics, trade and energy.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the remark at a regular press briefing in response to a question regarding possible U.S. sanctions against Iran, as the sanctions may affect Chinese companies that have trade ties with the country.

He said China's economic exchanges with Iran do not go against United Nations Security Council resolutions and "should not be affected."

China opposes placing domestic law above international law and does not favor unilateral sanctions against other countries, Hong said.

Hong said China believes Iran's nuclear issue should be solved through dialogues rather than sanctions.

On Saturday, U.S. President Barack Obama signed a wide-ranging defense funding bill, calling for new sanctions against financial institutions that do business with Iran's state banking institutions.


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Nic at 2012-01-0960.52.55.*
Why China still keeps her gold in USA? Wise up and move them back. Else, you will forever be led by the nose and have to comply to their bidding. Anything can happen, do it while the temperature is still mild. A bird in hand is worth many in the bush.
elee at 2012-01-05183.39.41.*
That is one good reason to stay away from buying up US debts or lending good money for bad debts. In a situation like this case where the US calls the shot at "blocking nations playing with Iran", then what can happen to those US debt papers that China holds the main bulb of them as a foreign nation? Very tricky play of the USA, isn"t it? On bilateral trust and good will, if appreciated by the sovereign borrower(s), the huge loans could mean friendship developments to rescue a national economic malaise; but those yanks are just signing bills upon bills against China’s interests, stretching from the South East Asia regional military-alliance threats, Yuan manipulation déjà vu, Trade balancing acts and heaps more to come. It appears that US congressional folks have more tricks under their hats than China’s wealth in its deep pockets! It simply meant to keep China busy on its toes, isn"t it?
PD User at 2012-01-0576.124.224.*
Iran IS NOT HOSTILE TO CHINA thus it gets China"s respect.Russia and China are right in supporting Iran.
helen at 2012-01-05203.82.82.*
Both Russia and China have fallen into numerous US entrapments - whereby the US attempts to block all Russian and Chinese friendly overtures with US axis and alienates both the countries from their friends. And the United Nations Security Council has been the frequent tool to use against Russia and China.A stronger foreign policy must be adopted otherwise it would end up with both the countries having lesser and lesser friends and allies. And the first step is for their foreign ministries to stop flirting with the US state department.It is about time for Russia and China to take a more pro-active role at the UN security Council and not be misled into further US tricks and disinformation. For too long now, the United States has abused the UNSC to its mischievous political agenda and advantages. And the World of nations are watching and waiting for a more independent and responsible role that both Russia and China should play at the UN Security Council.
huaquio at 2012-01-0575.72.239.*
this is the best time for China to get some cheap oil from Iran while others are moving away. China, stand firm.

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