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China opposes arms race in outer space

By Li Zhenyu (People's Daily Online)

14:00, December 30, 2011

Beijing, Dec. 30 (People's Daily Online) -- China on Thursday reiterated its stance on the use of outer space, saying it opposes any arms race in outer space.

The Chinese government yesterday issued a white paper, titled "China's Space Activities in 2011", introducing the development of China's space industry.

At a daily press briefing Thursday in Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the comment in response to a question regarding the United States' concern over China's space activities.

"China advocates the peaceful use of outer space and opposes any weaponization of outer space and any arms race in outer space," Hong said.

Hong said that China wishes to continue working with the international community in space industry and promote peaceful exploration of outer space.


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Fat-Chun Leung Ki at 2011-12-30188.61.105.*
Opposing arms race in outer space is like day-dreaming. Arms race in outer space already exists and talks in the United Nations have led to no result because the unique superpower opposes it. Such talks could achieve something only if other powers could match the supremacy of the front runner in outer-space militarization technology, just as in SALT talks to limit nuclear war-heads that each on the superpowers could possess. The Kosovo war amply demonstrated the supremacy of possessing space-based weaponry technology. Even the drones rely on space guidance. The demilitarization of outer space is unlikely to succeed at the moment with the present configuration of military power.

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