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China not yet global power: poll

By Liu Meng (Global Times)

09:28, December 29, 2011

Most Chinese think their country is not - or not completely - a global power, according to the sixth annual survey of Chinese people's world outlook.

The telephone and online survey carried out by the Global Poll Center, affiliated to the Global Times, from December 10 to 25, polled 1,460 people above the age of 15 in seven cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Changsha.

Only 14.1 percent of respondents saw China as a global power, while 33.4 percent said it is not a global power and 51.3 percent said it is not completely a world powerful country.

The results show Chinese people's confidence in their country's international status has risen since last year, with 1.7 percent more people considering China to be a global power.

But more and more people also think China's image suffers as a result of official corruption.

More than 65 percent said "some officials' corruption" hurts the country's image most, followed by the "low quality of products and widespread counterfeiting" (40.4 percent) and "environmental pollution" (27.9 percent).

About 43 percent of respondents considered the successful launch of Tiangong-1, China's first space lab module, to be the news event that gave the biggest boost to China's international standing this year.

Survey respondents said "the territorial dispute on South China Sea" (59 percent) and "the US and other outside powers' intervention" (47.2 percent) were the biggest problems impacting the bilateral relationships between China and Southeast Asian countries.

Meanwhile, the "US strategically containing China" was still thought to be the biggest issue affecting the China-US relationship.

But nearly 14 percent of interviewees cited the South China Sea disputes, mentioned for the first time in this year's survey, as the most influential factor in the relationship.

More than half of interviewees said China should refute, criticize or offer explanations depending on the situation in order to respond to the "China threat" theory, in which China's rise is seen as threatening to other countries' well-being.

But there was a big increase in the number of interviewees who said "ignoring" the China threat theory was the best response, up from 17 percent last year to 22.4 percent this year.


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PD User at 2011-12-31220.178.84.*
Japanese will pay for they actions .
PD User at 2011-12-30203.97.220.*
China is a huge country and within 30 years China has done a lot and developed very fast compare to other countries. US took 300 years to do what China has done. Hence China will have many problems as China had been very poor before. Poor environment produce poor quality of people whether you like it or not. Now China can improve its people quality both the govt officers and common people alike. China must keep on improving and transcend the world and be the best, worksmarter and if not harder.
Todd at 2011-12-29108.37.21.*
Don"t pay attention to foreign opinions. Concentrate on creating a strong and prosperous country and serving the people.
Hammad Sethi at 2011-12-2992.40.254.*
If China can build a trusting relationship with Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey, then China already is a global power. Sooner or later China will have to take this route, even only to ensure its own continued prosperity. The sooner, the better.
CK Wong at 2011-12-29115.132.178.*
China today is not wnat China was just 20years ago. China is definitely one of the super power globally. Especially is economic, army, and man power, China is a Global power countries. But to be recongnised as one real power, may take many more steps to attain. The above article has correctly pointed out some of the obstacle to make China greater- corrutpion, quality and safty of food, counterfiet medicine etc need hard attention to make corrections. To be great the complete set of factors include good governance, economic and political stability, high innovation, civilised society, safe food and medical supplies, and environmental friendly. Of course this is just a perfect Global power countries should looks like, but it may just be an idea of what a great nation is, and China still has the time to catch up as there is none in existence yet in the world today.

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