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China, ROK plan for talks next week

By  Ma Liyao  (China Daily)

09:38, December 24, 2011

BEIJING - Beijing and Seoul are coordinating strategies on the Korean Peninsula following the death of the top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), as high-level talks are planned for next week.

China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) have been in discussions about holding talks in Seoul next week to assess and exchange views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the ROK's Yonhap News Agency quoted a senior Seoul official as saying on Friday.

The talks will be led by Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun and ROK counterpart Park Suk-hwan possibly on Tuesday, Yonhap reported.

Lim Sung-nam, Seoul's chief nuclear envoy to the stalled Six-Party Talks, wrapped up a two-day visit to Beijing on Friday for talks on the aftermath of Kim's death.

Lim met with his Chinese counterpart Wu Dawei on Thursday afternoon.

The two exchanged views on the Six-Party Talks and the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said at a news conference on Friday.

China has been in close contact with all relevant countries recently, and Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has spoken to all relevant parties and paid condolences to the DPRK embassy in Beijing, he added.

Yang talked to his ROK counterpart Kim Sung-hwan a day after Kim's death was announced, agreeing on the importance of ensuring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and vowing to cooperate and stay in close communication.

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McCarthy at 2011-12-24206.125.74.*
It is a fact that the ROK will rush in to take advantage of any confusion or weakness after the death of comrade Kim Jong ll that might give them an advantage, either diplomatically or militarily. Caution must be exercised as I am quite sure they have their orders from Washington.

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