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China should join hands with Israel in innovation

By Liang Jun (People's Daily Online)

11:09, December 23, 2011

China should work with Israel when it moves from "made in China" to "made by China", because Israel has great ways to do innovation, said an American-Israeli journalist and author in Beijing Tuesday.

Saul Singer, along with Dan Senor, co-authored Start-up Nation, the Story of Israel's Economic Miracle, which was published in 2009.

Singer thinks that Chinese companies should buy Israelis' start-ups or build R&D centers in Israel like American companies, because Israel itself is a start-up nation and has more start-ups than any other countries outside of the Untied States.

Singer believes the combination between start-ups and big companies can bridge the gaps between them. "Start-ups are very good at innovation, but they are very bad at promoting their innovations to big companies," Singer said. "They don't know how to do that. Big companies have the opposite problem. They are very good at taking something and making it big, but they are not very good at innovation. It's hard for them to think of a really new innovation."

When talking about electric cars, Singer think China has great opportunities to jump ahead of other countries in areas of building electric cars, batteries, building infrastructures, developing the technology for electric cars.

When asked about what elements young men should need before they start their businesses, Singer gives one piece of advice: to find a good problem to solve, not the other way around.

Singer is an American-Israeli columnist and former editorial page editor of The Jerusalem Post. In 2010, he delivered speeches about Israel and its path to innovation at Peking University and at the Israeli Pavilion during Shanghai World Expo.

His book "Start-up Nation," published in 2009, was highly acclaimed and reached fifth on the business best-seller list of The New York Times in 2010.


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ordinary person at 2011-12-2361.184.93.*
china sould learn from and work togather with Israle in the filed of HI-tec
Rash at 2011-12-2388.175.56.*
Why wouldn"t China also form a partnership with India for innovation ?India and China should partner and fast!!!
factfinder2 at 2011-12-2376.217.29.*
I have read some recent articles on China expanding relations with Israel. I find that hard to believe in view of Israel"s record on dealing with the Palastinians and the rest of the world, its disregard for UN resolutions and its support of clandestine operations throughout the Middle East. I used to see China as supporting the under-developed and weaker nations against a bullying power. However, lately China seems to me to be more concerned with economic gain of its policies. I hope that Chine does not end up creating a materialistic, capatalistic system with Chinese characteristics
PD User at 2011-12-2398.84.74.*
Reading the book is fine, Read the book, gain the knowledge, and act independent of Israel China.

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