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China calls for creating good environment for Sri Lanka's stability, construction


18:31, December 22, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday called on the international community to create a good environment for the stability, construction and development of Sri Lanka.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin made the remarks when asked to give comment on the post-war reconstruction and economic development of Sri Lanka.

Liu also appealed to the international community for support and cooperation to the Sri Lankan government.

"As Sri Lanka's friendly neighbor, China has been paying close attention to the country's domestic situation since it ended the armed domestic conflict over two years ago," Liu said, adding that China feels happy for the positive development of Sri Lanka's social stability, economic development and reconstruction.

China believes the Sri Lankan government and people are able to resolve relevant issues, Liu added.

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Ram Mohan at 2011-12-23115.30.37.*
China had a long relationship with Sri Lanka even before both were admitted to the UN, the Club of Globalised Establishments consisting former Imperialists and Agent Political Imperialists with devolved Political Imperialism to oppress 6000 Nations without State consisting of 1/3rd the population of the World. China was prevented from joining the UN from one of the two then super powers and Sri Lanka was prevented by the other Super Power, the Soviet Union. This was Geopolitics then.The current Geopolitics is Globalied Establishments of 193 Nations with State oppressing its own peoples (2/3rd world population) and those (1/3rd woprld population)in the Nations without state. This is the modern version of Imperialist World Order.No Imperialist World order can ever bring Peace and Stability. The picture hanging at the Tien Square has taught me this,
PD User at 2011-12-2387.115.169.*
China must influence Sri Lanka not to oppress and impose a military rule with mono-ethnic Sinhalese army and police in minority areas.ICG has given a detailed account of atrocities committed by the army on Tamils especially women.
Sri at 2011-12-22195.93.21.*
It"s accountabilty for crimes against civilians from Jan. to May 2000 and good political governace that also matter. China played a crucial role in that episode and can enlighten the world on the WMDs and number of military jets supplied to SL Government in bringing about the end.

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