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China, Fiji agree to strengthen economic-technical cooperation


13:18, December 22, 2011

SUVA, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to Fiji and Fiji' s Prime Minister Commodore signed here Thursday an agreement on strengthening bilateral economic and technical cooperation in various fields.

The agreement provides for the grant by the Chinese government to Fiji of 20 million RMB Yuan, or 5.7 million Fiji dollars (3.28 million U.S. dollars).

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama expressed Fiji's "sincere gratitude and appreciation" to China for its assistance in the construction of the new Navua Hospital and building the new multi-purpose cargo vessel "Bai-Ni- Takali".

"We now mutually share and engage in a range of interests in the agriculture, mineral, tertiary education, trade, economic and development assistance and other sectors."

These development effectively demonstrate why Fiji's relationship with China "is one of its most important links at the international level", Bainimarama said, adding since they established diplomatic relations 36 years ago in 1975, this relationship has been effectively based on the principles of shared interests and mutual respect, which has increased in scope and character.

The prime minister said that Fiji looks forward to the maintenance and enhancement of the friendly and constructive bilateral relations between the two sides.

Ambassador Huang said the year of 2011 has witnessed the comprehensive development and enhancement of the bilateral relations between Fiji and China as remarkable achievements have been made in the fields of investment, economy, tourism, culture and education.

He expressed China's sincere respect and applause to the Fijian government and people for all the progress they have achieved in economic growth, land reform, tourism revitalization, sugar industry restructure and many other areas.

China would continue to commit to providing humble contribution for "building a better Fiji" by enhancing the bilateral cooperation and providing assistance within our capacity, Huang said.

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