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Chinese VP vows to boost Vietnam ties


08:07, December 22, 2011

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping (L) shakes hands with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang in Hanoi on Wednesday during talks on strengthening relations between China and Vietnam. (Xinhua Photo)

HANOI - Visiting Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping held talks with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang here on Wednesday on strengthening relations between China and Vietnam.

Xi said that under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), the Vietnamese people actively explored a development path that suits the country's own conditions and advanced the reforms in an all-around way, gaining progress and prosperity.

He said under the leadership of the CPV, the Vietnamese people will surely make new and greater progress in the social and economic fields.

Since the normalization of bilateral relations 20 years ago, Xi said, China-Vietnam relations have made steady progress due to three major reasons.

First, similar sufferings in history laid the foundation for China-Vietnam relations. The traditional friendship forged during revolutionary times involved the wisdom and painstaking efforts of the older leaders of the two parties. It is both countries' joint responsibility to carry on the friendship from generation to generation.

Second, extensive mutual interests laid the political foundation for China-Vietnam relations. Adhering to the socialist path, consolidating the basis for the Communist Party of China and CPV to govern their respective countries are our common strategic objectives, and the important political basis for maintaining mutual strategic interests.

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helen at 2011-12-22203.82.80.*
Excellent move in laying the foundation of friendly relations with Vietnam and other Asian neighbours too in view of the evil agenda of that Washington Witch at the US State department.With the exception of "complex" Sino-Indian border issue encouraged and aggravated by the US Global Tyranny, the sovereignty matters with some S E Asian nations must be resolved. The example of that border resolution with New Russia should serve as a guide.Economic co-operation should remain the top priority and that"s the language understood by most Asean nations.In the meantime, the march of intensified US Global Tyranny continues more aggressively than ever experienced in the past which now pales in comparison. The modernisation of the PLA must be expedited to counter US ongoing agenda on China and the Chinese people. The die is cast and China must be prepared ....!
McCarthy at 2011-12-22206.125.74.*
This is an excellent development and serves both countries interests. Comrades, no matter what country or region they represent have the same goal of advancing Marxism and aiding one another on the road to socialist development. It is paramount not to allow the imperialists to drive wedges between comrades so as to divide and conquer.Comrades should stand together united, and petty differences should be resolved for the sake of the whole of human kind. Do not under estimate what is at stake, we are at the fork in the road of human development with two clear choices. On one hand Socialism which has proved it"s peaceful and dramatic capability to improve the lives of the people. On the other hand is Capitalism which in the last 70 years has only yielded war after war and economic crisis after crisis, poverty, and the complete breakdown of interstate diplomacy only to be replaced with gamesmanship, threats, and intimidation. Comrades stand together and stand strong!

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