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China wishes US-Japan-India meeting to play conducive role

(People's Daily Online)

17:24, December 21, 2011

Beijing, Dec. 21 (People's Daily Online) -- China Tuesday commented on the first trilateral meeting between the United States, Japan and India, saying it hoped the talks would be conducive to Asia-Pacific's regional peace and stability.

At a press briefing in Beijing yesterday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin was asked to make a comment on the first-ever US-Japan-India meeting, which was held in Washington on Monday over a range of Asia Pacific regional issues.

"The United States, Japan and India are countries with great influence in the Asia-Pacific region," Liu said. "We hope the trilateral meeting will be conducive to regional peace and stability."

Experts said that the meeting held at the assistant-secretary level is believed to be part of current U.S. efforts to carry out its "pivoting to Asia" policy, which aims at consolidating the U.S. predominance in Asia.

The trilateral dialogue came against the backdrop of disputes between China and its neighbors like Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia over the resource-rich South China Sea. (Li Zhenyu)

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Hammad Sethi at 2011-12-3078.144.16.*
There is a saying in Urdu that goes "whoever owns the stick, owns the buffalo". It is quite funny when USA says, that it is not trying to contain the Peoples Republic of China. USA is the biggest human persecutor, and violator of human rights in the world. USA murders many innocent people daily with its drone terror attacks. USA has no ideological enimity with the DPRK or Pakistan, but unfortunately or fortunately these two countries ally themselves with China. USA works to promote the interests and policies of the Catholic Church, and supports persecution of Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine. USA itself has no ideoligical foundation, because USA does not believe in secularism, or respect for human rights, or democracy, or freedom. USA is going around building relations with all the enemies of the Chinese world and the Muslim world. What in other words this really means is that, USA wants to be the "only owner of the stick", USA wants an upper hand, and once USA has the upper hand it will easily contain the Chinese world and the Muslim world, and continue its policies of persecution.
donato at 2011-12-30220.244.108.*
Japan, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonasia should understand the consequence of playing sidekick role. I understand if one corners a dog in a cul-de-sac the dog will bite.
Rash at 2011-12-2388.175.56.*
China should change its views about India and understand Indians better as Indians should with China!As neigbours and great civilsations, China and India should invest in each other! Solving border disputes will help in this regard!

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