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New int'l arbitration center established in Guangzhou

By Li Lizhi (Guangzhou Daily)

15:51, December 20, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

On Dec. 19, the management committee of the Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone and Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the Arbitration Centre of Macau World Trade Center signed the "Establishment of Nansha International Arbitration Centre Cooperation Framework Agreement" in Guangzhou and jointly announced the establishment of the Nansha International Arbitration Center.

For business disputes arising in Nansha, people can choose to resort to arbitration in accordance with arbitration rules and commercial laws in Hong Kong or Macao. The arbitration can also be conducted in English, Portuguese and other foreign languages.

If it is necessary, enterprises or individuals in the Pearl River Area can submit arbitration application to the Nansha International Arbitration Center.

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