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Chinese delegation hails progress made at Durban climate conference


14:24, December 11, 2011

Xie Zhenhua, vice director of China's National Development and Reform Commission and head of the Chinese delegation, addresses the plenary session of the UN Climate Conference (COP17) in Durban, South Africa, Dec. 11, 2011. (Xinhua/Li Qihua)

DURBAN, South Africa, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese delegation said here Sunday that the just-concluded United Nations climate change conference produced "progressive and balanced outcome."

After 14 days of gruelling talks, the conference passed a package of decisions on such subjects as the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, the Green Climate Fund and a new process to arrange emission-cutting pledges after 2020.

Xie Zhenhua, head of the Chinese delegation, told Xinhua that the outcome is fully in accordance with the mandate of the UN Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Kyoto Protocol and the Bali Roadmap.

The outcome, he added, is also in line with the two-track negotiation process and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

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PD User at 2011-12-1272.25.192.*
This whole global warming scam is dead. It"s a rotting corpse that should be buried. We should all work on cleaning up pollution but that has nothing to do with global warming. There is no global warming and every weather activity blamed on this lie has happened many times in the past. Nothing will change.
PD User at 2011-12-11175.136.52.*
It is good to know that an agreement has finally been reached at the UN climate talks in Durban. Now is the time for the countries to take effective measures in protecting the environment, over the coming decades. Hopefully there is no more procrastination by some developed countries which had been dragging their feet in the COP17 Conference. Protecting the environment is the responsibility of all nations big or small, developed countries or developing countries. No excuse is acceptable especially from the developed countries.

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