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US 'should explain' Australia military plans (2)

By Li Xiaokun and Ma Liyao  (China Daily)

09:43, December 09, 2011

China's military denounced the plan, warning that it could erode trust and fan Cold War-style antagonism.

Flournoy also said the two countries were hoping to hold military exchanges and joint counter-piracy exercises in the Gulf of Aden that had been postponed in the wake of US arms sales to Taiwan.

The China-US defense consultative talks (DCT) were held on Wednesday in the Chinese capital. This was the first high-level meeting of US and Chinese defense officials since Washington angered Beijing in September by announcing an arms deal with Taiwan.

Beijing later delayed some planned military exchanges with the US.

A news release issued by the Ministry of National Defense on Thursday said the DCT was "candid and constructive" and "reached the expected target".

"The view that 'conflicts between the US and China are inevitable' is completely incorrect," Flournoy said during the talks, according to the news release.

Ma told Flournoy he believed a healthy and stable relationship between the two militaries helps "control crises and prevent risks".

He said at the start of the talks that the fact that this round of the DCT took place as scheduled showed that both countries are "sincere about maintaining military exchanges".

In January 2010, Washington announced a $6.4-billion arms sale package for Taiwan, which led to limited military contact between China and the US for almost a year, until then US secretary of defense Robert Gates visited China in January 2011.

Although the consultations took place as scheduled, the issue of arms sales to Taiwan could not be avoided, said Luo Yuan, a researcher with the PLA's Academy of Military Science.

Ma urged the US side to remove the obstacles to promoting China-US military relations during the consultations, according to the news release.

Arms sales to Taiwan serve to restrict the two militaries' contacts, and reconnaissance activities by US aircraft and ships remain major obstacles, Ma said.

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McCarthy at 2011-12-09206.125.68.*
I am very sure that the PLA is not buying this hogwash from Washington, of course the increase in the military presence in Australia is designed to intimidate and contain China. Why else would Australia need US troops and naval ships? This is part of a planned quiet encirclement of China with enemy bases and resources for the inevitable military confrontation between Socialism and Imperialist Facism. I can also guarantee this is just the first installment on a much larger force to be introduced little by little over a period of time.

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