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China believes in Europe's ability to resolve debt crisis: vice premier


20:33, December 05, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- China reaffirmed its confidence in Europe's "wisdom and ability" to resolve the eurozone debt crisis, said Vice Premier Li Keqiang in meeting with Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond here on Monday.

"The European Union is the world's biggest economy of developed countries, and we believe the EU has the wisdom and ability to overcome the debt crisis and support its measures to tackle the crisis," Li said in the meeting in downtown Beijing.

He added that China hopes all sides will work together and implement all the measures to ease the crisis, resolve issues in accordance with economic development rules and promote financial stability and a gradual recovery of the economy.

The vice premier also spoke highly of the development of China-Britain relations and China-Scotland relations, saying their increasing trade cooperation and cultural exchanges brought substantial benefits for the two peoples.

"Britain is an important strategic partner of China. We hope the two sides will join and make cooperation prospects into reciprocal achievements," Li said.

Salmond said Scotland attaches high importance to relations with China and will make further contributions for sound development of bilateral ties.

The minister also expressed appreciation for two giant pandas from China, which arrived in Edinburgh on Sunday. The giant panda Tian Tian, or "Sweetie," and her companion Yang Guang, or "Sunshine," are expected to spend 10 years at Edinburgh Zoo.

Salmond was invited by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.


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