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China not seeking rights and interests through financial means


14:10, December 03, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- China-Europe cooperation is mutually beneficial and China has no intention to seek rights and interests through financial means, said Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying on Friday.

Fu made the remarks during the Lanting forum, which is devoted to China-Europe relations.

"There are still some weaknesses in mutual trust between China and Europe," Fu said, adding that China has heard some contradictory voices from Europe about whether China should aid Europe before the G20 summit.

Fu said China isn't engaging in power politics but supporting European countries to overcome the economic crisis.

Regarding the European debt crisis, Fu said China has supported European countries to overcome crisis, increase employment and restore economic growth through injecting additional funds into the International Monetary Fund, buying Eurobonds, increasing imports from European countries and expanding business investment, which also benefit China's development.

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romanov at 2011-12-0480.94.16.*
Purchase eurobonds unions bankrupts to play in roulette China.Is it bad assessment chinese economist;s is bad information?.Only to start drastic crisis all UE which face the threat of massive protest society.They have bad manangment and inept"s politician what not prognosticate to tipy up economy.At present leader"s UE be guility of crisis and crash UE.Funny bad manager"s economy to be able to repair economy?
wende at 2011-12-0371.251.41.*
It is China"s right to demand fair assessment of China"s market economy status, withdraw restrictions on export to China and the increase in the rights of China in the IMF. These are just being fair to China. Quid-pro-quo is a universal act even in western practice. It is natural to return a favor with another favor, maybe not immediately but ultimately. China should not be bashful to ask a favor from EU when China gives a favor. China should be ruthless just as foreigners had been ruthless when they invaded China in the previous 2 centuries.
PD User at 2011-12-03183.39.30.*
Don"t think an overly jealous Hillary Clinton sees China the way it is!

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