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China, US lay groundwork for fair competition

By Wen Xian (People's Daily)

14:40, December 02, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On Nov. 29, the Chinese commercial delegation led by Gao Hucheng, an international trade negotiation representative and the vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China, held a work conference with the delegation of the U.S. antitrust law enforcement department.

It was the first time that a high-level Chinese governmental delegation has visited the United States to discuss competition policies and law enforcement since the Chinese antimonopoly law enforcement department and U.S. antitrust law enforcement department signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in July of 2011.

Both sides agreed that China-U.S. economic and trade relations are an important foundation of China-U.S. relations as a whole. There was a consensus that developing a mutually beneficial China-U.S. economic and trade relationship is in alignment with the core interests of the two countries and their people, and competition policies are an important guarantee for economic development.

This work conference will be help both sides to further deepen mutual understanding in the realm of competition policy and law enforcement, share experience with each other and raise the level of cooperation.

The content of the two sides' cooperative guidelines on enterprise mergers and acquisitions include: complying with each other's laws and doing work within the scope of duties; cooperative guidelines and content for the two sides to investigate the same case; confidentiality obligations in the course of cooperation and others.

Both sides agreed that the guideline is not able to the set the rights and obligations with any legal effect for both sides and does not restrict both sides from carrying out communications and cooperation with other sides or organizations.


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jthk at 2011-12-03203.218.76.*
It is difficult to have any meaningful talk if the US congressmen (fed with the many congress reports with serious bias) and public are being so overwhelmingly brainwashed with the "China threat" thesis fabricated. The US downfall is a consequence of its inner struggle particularly the policy-makers and the political leaders. If the leaders have been consistently feding with fear and bias toward China,if politics have been dragging the feet of political leaders or policy-makers, intelligence would be consistently bound. The partnership between the US and China would become a zero sum game. On the one hand, the Americans thoroughly understand that the American economy has close relationship with China. On the other hand, they refuse to admit the fact that China not their enemy. If one is being put in a permanent struggle with ones partner,cleavage would only be enlarged. When the US has developed itself towards such a hi-tech economy and it refuses to turn its hi-tech into civilian usage by securitize everything, national resources input would be like building a palace full of jewellery and treasure in the heaven where the American people or the world would only be able to appreciate and have pleasure of our eyes. No one is going to be benefited anything. It is this self-imprisonment of thought the US is leading itself into a dead end without any exit. We are sadly witnessing the fall of a great nation.
wende at 2011-12-0371.251.41.*
First item is for US companies not to demand controlling interests in Chinese companies while limiting, even forbidding, Chinese investments in US companies. The excuses are always either it is against national interest or that the owner had been in PLA. Question is, how many high level US managers had military background too. Should China not apply the same reason too? Talking about level playing fields! That"s a lot of bulls.

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