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Chinese spokesman rebukes US-Australian military alliance


18:04, November 30, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman on Wednesday criticized the United States' decision to strengthen its military alliance with Australia.

During US President Barack Obama's visit to Australia earlier this month, the two states agreed to increase joint military initiatives in order to enhance their alliance.

"Any consolidation or expansion of a military alliance that was forged in history is of the Cold-War model," said Spokesman Geng Yansheng at a monthly press briefing.

Moves that run contrast to the current trend of peace and cooperation are not helpful in building mutual trust and cooperation among regional countries and will damage their common interests, he said.

Any other military theory aimed at provoking confrontation and safeguarding one's security at the price of another's is also backward-thinking, he said.


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Sam Teng at 2011-11-30175.139.86.*
The strengthening of the US-Australia military alliance is a threat to regional peace in the Asia Pacific region. It is a provocative act that cannot be condoned or taken lightly. Obviously, the US and its puppets in the region are hatching some evil schemes for reasons best known to them. Definitely it is aimed at China for the US was never in favor of a stronger China both militarily and economically. Instead to paying more attention to salvage their financial crisis, the US is trying to hoodwinked its own people by sensationalizing the perceived China threat. The US government is spending billions of dollars just to engage in joint military exercises with any willing countries circling China. Isn"t it better for the US government to spend such money in helping their own citizens and to improve their own economy? It is a great shame for the US government to use the same old and outdated strategy to cheat the world; worst still cheating its own people. Give up Uncle Sam, your days are numbered.

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