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China backs developing countries' appeal on climate change: official


21:12, November 29, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- China will unswervingly back other developing countries' reasonable appeals on climate change, a senior official said on Tuesday.

"Developing countries are victims of climate change, and we have moved actively to address the issue," said Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Xie made the remarks at the opening ceremony of a workshop on climate change adaptation in developing nations, which brought to Beijing over 60 officials from some of the least developed countries, small island nations and Africa.

China will lend support to other developing countries to cope with climate change in a variety of areas, including infrastructure construction and technology promotion, Xie said.

He said China will step up communications with other developing countries to jointly push for a positive result at the ongoing climate conference in Durban.

Li Jinzao, vice minister of commerce, said that in recent years China has been providing assistance to developing countries to adapt to climate change, mainly through green trade and investment, cooperation on environmentally friendly technology, clean energy projects and human resources training.

The latest workshop, which will last till Dec. 19, will provide a platform for the countries to share experiences in the low-carbon economy and discuss South-South cooperation on the issue, Li said.

The workshop follows one held on Nov. 21, in which China pledged to help countries that are severely affected by weather extremes to establish monitoring systems and forecast stations to improve the countries' capabilities of monitoring meteorological conditions.


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