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Iceland rejection of land purchase "unjust": businessman


13:17, November 27, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese businessman criticized Icelandic authorities' rejection of his land purchase plan in the country, saying the decision highlighted the prejudice faced by Chinese investors abroad, a Beijing-based newspaper reported Sunday.

"The denial reflects the unjust and parochial investment environment facing private Chinese enterprises abroad," the English-language China Daily quoted Huang Nubo in an interview after Iceland refused Friday Huang's request to buy a 300-square km section of land to develop an eco-resort.

The sale had been initiated by the Icelandic landowners themselves and the rejection was a loss for both Icelandic and Chinese investors, Huang was quoted as saying.

He blamed the western countries for imposing "double standards," saying they are eager to "encourage the opening of the Chinese market while they close their doors to Chinese investments."

Huang also warned fellow Chinese entrepreneurs to make sure they fully understand the political environment before going into the global market or risk being caught between conflicting political powers.

Huang, chairman of Beijing-based Zhongkun Investment Group, announced plans in August to build a high-end resort in Iceland with an investment of 200 million U.S. dollars.

The issue stirred controversy as some media reports hinted that the proposed investment could provide a cover for China's geopolitical interests around the Arctic.

Huang has argued that his decision was motivated by his love for the country's natural beauty and his lengthy connection with its people, China Daily said.

The rejection shows a continuity of the Cold War mentality that "investment from private Chinese entrepreneurs is a threat to national safety," the newspaper quoted Bao Yunjun, chairman of the Research Association on Private Economy, as saying.

Iceland's Interior Ministry said in a statement Saturday on its website that "it is impossible to ignore" how large an area of land is involved in the purchasing plan and "there is no precedent for such a large area of Icelandic land to have been placed under foreign control."


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Ke Si Qian at 2011-11-28124.248.187.*
Looks like China is getting a "taste of its own medicine". For years I have dealt with Chinese double standards against foreign businessmen eg. different price tiers, government interference. Before comment here look in the mirror!
Sam Teng at 2011-11-28175.139.86.*
Iceland"s rejection of the Chinese businessman bid to purchase the land is tantamount to discrimination against the Chinese as well as an act of protectionism. Such double standards are the norms of the US and western countries nowdays. When they want to invest in Asia, they complained that Asian countries are slow in opening up their markets to them. But when Asians want to invest in their countries, they are rejected outright citing all sorts of excuses which do not makes sense.
wende at 2011-11-2871.251.41.*
Even Chinese stocks are being constantly harmed by irresponsible articles. It seems to be a US predetermined strategy to have China hold on to US currency but nowhere to spend.
elee at 2011-11-27183.39.33.*
The main problem with these white political snobs of Europe & Americas is their common belief in a linear and infinite time line of supremacy after they managed to change the outlook of the world in their favour in the last 2 centuries through human slaughters, robberies and conquests (* a classic human rights example *) of other lands & waterways when they sighted easy and readied made preys. Example: How the yanks slaughtered the natives (Red Indians) of America(s) is a very telling fact of the intrinsic bloody culture of the Americans which is most sadly rewritten in Old_China, DPRK, Vietnam-IndoChina, Iraq, Afghan, Libya, Pakistan, Iran and could include Syria soon if not Iran and the great lane of Asia-Pacific; and mischievously lasting into this century though clever NASA is off to the Mars for better or worse. Racisms & prejudices are seen everywhere and among the Yellow, Black, Banana and White the seas may hellishly turn red. If a broke Iceland refuses the Yellow, let them have the Black, Banana and White flavour! Chinese folks, save your good money and faces for future sheltering in case angry heaven descends into pieces!!
PD User at 2011-11-27101.116.62.*
In the past decade, the changing image and rising influence of China on the world have fundamentally shaken the “old” perception on China by the people around the world. The “old” perception on China was mainly shaped and propagated by the developed world in the past 200 years. Though 10 years of new image of China shook the foundation, it will take some time to detoxicate the impact of “old” China perception entrenched for 200 years in the world. Quite obviously, there are plenty of people from politicians to general public around the world still being heavily influenced by “old” China perception. Also some choose to live in disbelief and choose to get addicted to “old” China perception, which can be explained why “China Threat” can always find both unintentional and intentional audiences. China right now should primarily focus on its own fundamental social and economic reforms to take its own society to the next level. Internationally China should strive to build win-win relationships with the nations around the world and also relentlessly protect its interests with strong vigour and measures to counter deliberate acts orchestrated by the intentional addicts of “China Threat”.

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