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Iceland blocks Chinese investor

(Global Times)

11:41, November 27, 2011

Iceland's government denied on Friday Chinese billionaire investor Huang Nubo permission to purchase land in the island's north, arguing such a transfer of property would be "incompatible" with the country's laws.

Huang was planning to invest about $200 million in the land to build a resort. In a September interview with Bloomberg News, Huang said he was in talks to buy the land for $8.8 million from a group of farmers and was awaiting approval from the government.


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Iceland at 2011-11-2889.160.167.*
It is sad to read the angry people, that can not see that Huang Nupo as other from China are welcome in Iceland. They only have to follow Icelandic laws, as Icelanders coming to China have to follow Chinese laws. Would Chine ever sell 0.3% of their land to a privat company ? Even though the company was a Chinese one they could not - against their laws !
bitter truth at 2011-11-27122.169.76.*
It is against their laws .So ,they blocked it ?
PD User at 2011-11-27183.39.26.*
PD User at 2011-11-27101.116.62.*
In the past decade, the changing image and rising influence of China on the world have fundamentally shaken the “old” perception on China by the people around the world. The “old” perception on China was mainly shaped and propagated by the developed world in the past 200 years. Though 10 years of new image of China shook the foundation, it will take some time to detoxicate the impact of “old” China perception entrenched for 200 years in the world. Quite obviously, there are plenty of people from politicians to general public around the world still being heavily influenced by “old” China perception. Also some choose to live in disbelief and choose to get addicted to “old” China perception, which can be explained why “China Threat” can always find both unintentional and intentional audiences. China right now should primarily focus on its own fundamental social and economic reforms to take its own society to the next level. Internationally China should strive to build win-win relationships with the nations around the world and also relentlessly protect its interests with strong vigour and measures to counter deliberate acts orchestrated by the intentional addicts of “China Threat”.

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